The Beauty of Color

This is a blog for women of all colors who love colour. For their nails that is. From high end to low end and everything in between. Please join in as a myriad of shades are showcased and available to all women around the world.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ravishing Red by Mary Kay

Hi there!!

I decided to pull something out of the archives for me today since I didn't get around to swatching today, :-( I first posted this on the makeupalley Nail Board - so if you're a follower - then you may have seen this already. For those who are not - then enjoy the show!!

Well about 8 weeks ago I had to cut my nails down because I had a bad break that I could not salvage so i ended up cuting them down to 'shawties' looking like this:
Look at those cuticles - ARRGG!!  I was almost too ashamed to show these - but there is a good ending to this, I promise.  This color was LA colors Amethyst.  After following the wisdom of the nailboard, I started taking biotin and ended up looking like this 6 weeks from my first dose:
Then a friend of mine (rmcandlelight) suggested I start showcasing some of my older nail polishes, she knew I had a slew of Mary Kay polishes.  Well, I needed to go to my happy place one day - and red is my happy color - so this little beauty "Ravishing Red" really did the trick:  Almost 8 weeks from taking my first biotin capsule I look like this:
Ravishing - isn't she?? I like to dabble in nail art occasionally, so this is my attempt at a konad (plate 56) with a gold nail polish, gold art deco striper and a gold rhinestone.  This baby really did the trick for me - I was a happy camper and really enjoyed wearing her.  Boy, those cuticles sure have come a long way!!

Thanks for looking.

So, what's YOUR happy place color - I'd love to know!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Meet my new friend Ani!!

Hi everybody - this is Ani - my new friend. She has 6 other friends - but I keep taking her away from her friends - because she's MY favorite friend!! She and I were sitting out on the back deck and decided to take a picture together and show you how well we look together!!

This was the first RBL that I purchased with the sale that was advertised a few weeks ago.
If you missed out on it that means you probably didn't like the nude sheer colors they were being offered or you just didn't know about the sale. As for me - I didn't have many nudes or sheer nudes in my stash so this was a perfect set for me. There were 7 neutrals for $50. That's a lot you say - well considering Resuce Beauty Lounge goes for $18 a bottle - this was a steal for me at $7 a bottle (OPI costs more than that!).
Well, Ani is very shy - she was as sheer as lace curtains - so she needed an undercoat of an opaque nude. Here i used 2 coats of OPI Samoan Sands. Then i applied 2 coats of Ani and VNL (Visible Nail Line) was not an issue and Ani shown like the star she is. Ani has a very slight shimmer that gives her enough swagger to be interesting, but yet subtle enough to stay out of the lime light.
I LOVE Ani - and I'll be letting her strut her stuff on those days when I want to say - yes, I am pretty and polished.
P.S. Ani is still available at Rescue Beauty Lounge - but she has gone back to her regular price of $18. She is on the discontinued block - so when she's gone, she's gone, I'm sorry to say.
So, what do you think? Is she pretty enough to take to the ball or will you leave her on the shelf and have her collecting dust?