The Beauty of Color

This is a blog for women of all colors who love colour. For their nails that is. From high end to low end and everything in between. Please join in as a myriad of shades are showcased and available to all women around the world.

Manicure Routine

  • Biotin 2 x a day with a meal (3,000 mcg) Nature's Bounty &  a prenatal vitamin - no I'm not pregnant!!  Drink plenty of water, water and more water (Strongly recommend not to take Target's brand - MUA nailboarders claim they have had serious break outs from their biotin)
  • Healthy Hoof  (or any cuticle cream) 2 -3 times a day massaged into cuticles
  • Moisturize hands each and every time I wash my hands and massage the cuticle area with each time I moisturize and moisturize all day long
  • Never wash your hair w/o np - nails are weak when they're wet - hair is strong and can split your nails
  • Wear latex gloves while doing any kind of household chores
  • Cuticle Oil & Heavy moisturizer at night & cotton gloves to sleep in
  • File down or shape nails with a glass or crystal file w/ np on - nails are stronger w/ np on
  • Use a felt square 2x2 to remove old np with Zoya Remover+
  • When removing a heavy pigmented np such as green or blue use pure acetone & a latex glove so you don't end up with stained fingers
  • Felt squares leave no cotton fuzz and help exfoliate the cuticles
  • Soak nails in mild soapy H2O w/ baking soda, peroxide, olive oil or cuticle oil for 3-5 min
  • Cuticle remover gel; Borghese or Sally Hansen, rub into cuticles, push down w/ finger
  • Place hands back in to soak for 1 more minute
  • Wash hands with a sugar/salt or oatmeal scrub - really concentrating on the cuticle area
  • Use a nail brush to give nails and cuticles a final good scrubbing
  • If you still have staining after doing all of the above - and at times you will, brush your nails with whitening toothpaste!! Trust me - it works!!
  • Dry hands thoroughly, apply a moisturizer, rub nail bed down w/ acetone or alcohol


  • OPI No Chip, OPI Nail Envy Maintenance, Barielle Hydrating Ridgefiller, Salon Science Instant Artificial, OPI Base Coat (wrap tips), 2-3 coats of np (wrap tips), OPI Top Coat (wrap tips), SV or Poshe or Out the Door Top Coat Speed Dry (wrap tips)
  • Next day Barielle Manicure Extender (wrap tips)

This routine is just a recommendation and suggestion as these are just elements that work for me - your mileage may vary depending on your skin and chemical make up to reactions of certain treatments.  This is just my routine and in my opinion what works for me.