The Beauty of Color

This is a blog for women of all colors who love colour. For their nails that is. From high end to low end and everything in between. Please join in as a myriad of shades are showcased and available to all women around the world.

My Wishlist (Lemmings)

I wish for everyone to have all that they need as well as good health, family and great friends.

Now on to np:

Estee Lauder Ulta Violet
NARS: Purple Rain, try me
Illamasque: Baptiste, Boosh
China Glaze: Reflecting Pool, Any khromes, Atlantis, Stella
Maybelline:  Any Salsa Sun or Sweet Thing Collection
NFU-OH: Any Cremes
Nubars: Try me
BB Couture:  Try me
Sally Hansen Extreme Wear Going Green
Essie:  Deep or dark colors - no pastels.  Starry Starry Night or Dominica Green
OPI: Rainforrest, My Private Jet HOLO, Any DS, Any Suede, Brisbane Bronze