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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ravishing Red by Mary Kay

Hi there!!

I decided to pull something out of the archives for me today since I didn't get around to swatching today, :-( I first posted this on the makeupalley Nail Board - so if you're a follower - then you may have seen this already. For those who are not - then enjoy the show!!

Well about 8 weeks ago I had to cut my nails down because I had a bad break that I could not salvage so i ended up cuting them down to 'shawties' looking like this:
Look at those cuticles - ARRGG!!  I was almost too ashamed to show these - but there is a good ending to this, I promise.  This color was LA colors Amethyst.  After following the wisdom of the nailboard, I started taking biotin and ended up looking like this 6 weeks from my first dose:
Then a friend of mine (rmcandlelight) suggested I start showcasing some of my older nail polishes, she knew I had a slew of Mary Kay polishes.  Well, I needed to go to my happy place one day - and red is my happy color - so this little beauty "Ravishing Red" really did the trick:  Almost 8 weeks from taking my first biotin capsule I look like this:
Ravishing - isn't she?? I like to dabble in nail art occasionally, so this is my attempt at a konad (plate 56) with a gold nail polish, gold art deco striper and a gold rhinestone.  This baby really did the trick for me - I was a happy camper and really enjoyed wearing her.  Boy, those cuticles sure have come a long way!!

Thanks for looking.

So, what's YOUR happy place color - I'd love to know!


  1. My Happy Place Colour is bright pink, like MAC Steamy. :D

  2. Boy your nails grow fast!!! Love the red mani. I don't have a happy place color...girl I got to get through my untried. lol!

  3. @ Rebecca - bright pink is a GREAT happy place color - I like wearing pink outfits! Thanks for sharing!!

    @ rmccandlelight - so does this mean you haven't found your happy place color yet? Paint faster girl, paint faster!! :-)

  4. Welcome to the blog world girls! You guys are going to have so much fun! I am so excited to see you guys on here! YAY!!!


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