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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mary Kay Silver Wear - an oldie but goodie!!

For all intensive purposes I had planned on doing a mani that would have been appropriate for this holiday.  Well, I asked my dear husband "Baby, what color would like for me to wear?"  He said ever so proudly "Silver!"  Seeing as to how I don't usually ask his advice on what he'd like to see me in - he was very happy that I actually listened to his advice and he was glad to see the final result - and I must admit - so was I!! 

This nail polish is 10+ years old and was sitting in my stash for old times sake as a reminder of my days gone by as a Mary Kay Director - boy, those were some fun days, team rally's, driving a free car and....I digress!!  Thinner is a wonderful thing!!  Remember - nail polish DOES NOT go bad and NEVER, EVER, EVER put remover in a polish to thin it out!!  If remover takes polish off your nails - what do you think the benefit is to putting it in the bottle of nail polish???  Hmmm things that make you wonder - why DID I do that??  Thinner is your best friend - not only for old polishes, but for those occasional polishes you may buy that seem a little thick and gloopy - put a few drops of thinner in and it works wonders!!  Thinner can be bought at your local beauty supply stores.

Now, why this was called Silver Wear - I'll never know - if ny silvewear looked like this I would think it would need to be polished - but that's just me!!

 And here she is inside with no flash.  This is really a beautiful cream with the very slightest shimmer to it.  She wears quite well and still looks beautiful.  Though she's not a very Eastery color, for all intensive purposes, my hubby liked it and that was enough for me!!  (I will be changing her before church on tomorrow!)
(don't know why I couldn't get this one to center - but I'm going to get better at picture taking - I promise!)
 And here she is in all the sun and splendor that makes me really like this color.  She almost wears like a neutral shade - because she can honestly go with any outfit and look stunning.  She's a beautiful deep gray with a shimmery shine that shows silver, that has served me well over many years and I will be pulling her out again - because she deserves to be seen on finges and not just in my stash!!

Until next time - Happy Holiday Weekend.  Enjoy your time with friends, family and loved ones.  Don't forget to wear your favorite polish whether its an Easter color or not - wear what makes you happy and you'll shine like the Hope Diamond!!



  1. this is soooo gorgeous, wow your nails are PERFECTION hunny lol Have a fab easter sweetie xxx

  2. Wow!! I guess polish does last forever, 10 years...It's a beautiful color :)

  3. @ raw - no - YOU have some gorgeous nails - mine ar far from perfection!! Thanks! Hope you holiday weekend was fun, fabulous and full of friends and loved ones!!

    @rm - I know - ain't that the truth - I LOVE thinner - it's been such a life saver!! Thank you!!


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