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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What I know for sure Wednesday!!

...everything I ever need to know about life -
I learned from my np stash!!
Today I bring to you Racing Green by Barry M.

This np was a dream to apply - but I needed 4 coats since I did not wear my underwear prior to application
I am such a nasty hussy - no underwear!! :-)

Alrighty kiddies - gathering around the computer monitor, you're about to learn something -
so listen up.
For the most part, I have tried to always make sure my mani's were pretty decent prior to taking a picture.  Sure, who amongst us has not always wanted that picture perfect mani - only to change it, if not that same day, within a few days!!  Oh, what we go through to be beautiful.
Well, now is NOT forever.  Can you imagen only having the same mani day in and day out??  Of course not!  Mani's will change and so does life.  No matter how well we plan and prepare and hope for the best - life is going to take twists and turns that makes us a little disgruntled, upset, angry and confused.  Does any of this sound familiar???
Well, what I know for sure - NOW IS NOT FOREVER!!
See how this mani bubbled on me??  I didn't plan on the bubling, I did all the things I was supppose to do for a great mani - but it happened and yet - I took the picture anyway!!  Yes, I stuck with it and it really doesn't look half bad, right?  I did all the right things, but clearly something happened that I had not factored in.  Now, I could have done one of two things, taken it off and started all over or just be upset and not take the picture.  Clearly I chose to just roll with the punches and use it as a life lesson.
  Just like acetone changes a mani - so will life change it's course.  No matter what your mani looks like now and no matter how much acetone you use, there will be some staining and maybe even some burning if you have a hangnail or a small cut. 
What I know for sure, you have to find the right acetone that works for you!  Mine is meditation and relaxation (okay - mine is really Valium and Vodka - but don't tell my therapist!! *-*) - with a little elbow grease and patience, the staining will come out, the hangnail or cut will heal and the stinging will stop, and we will once again have a clean surface, go back to our stash and ponder the next mani and hope for a better outcome the next time!
Don't you wish life was like a remote control and we could change the chanel when we didn't like the program that was on??  * le sigh*

So, boys and girls, what have we learned today!!
Acetone makes everything better and will change the outlook of your mani - because

So, until next time - Happy Polishing!!

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  1. Thank you for this post - it was the perfect "pickmeup" thing for me... I hope you don't mind, I printed it out and put in on my wall :)

  2. @Fleur - I am so glad I could be of some inspiration for you! You made my day!! THANK YOU!! *bows graciously* By all means use whatever you need from little blog to make it through your right now - because I promise, it will change!!

  3. "No matter what your mani looks like now and no matter how much acetone you use, there will be some staining and maybe even some burning if you have a hangnail or a small cut. "

    That's a good lifelesson for polish lovers!

  4. @younailedit! So, does that mean I nailed it!? Thank you!! ...and an anipolish lover I am - learning my lesson one stroke at a time!! :-)

  5. the colour looks gorgeous regardless of the bubbling, i almost didn't even notice!

  6. your nails look so healthy and strong. i don't know what it is about greens but they stain really bad. glad you were able to get them out.


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