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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Claire's Meg Peg


Let me show you my little fren...
I went shopping yesterday, well, sort of...I went stash shopping!!  It's amazing to me that amongst so many np's that some of us have accumulated over time - some for collecting purposes and others, because, well, it was only $1 so I just had to get it!!
Well, this little pretty was neither of those - I received her in a swap from a great NBer!!  It's amazing to me that out of so many pretties, I actually remember each and everyone of them and where they came from and how I acquired them - yet I can't remember to take the clothes out of the washing machine on some days!!  Go figure!
Isn't she pretty?  Look at that holo!!
Sadly she is only one of two Claire np's that I own, the other being Dream Catcher, and that too was also a gift from a swap - from a seperate NBer. 
Meg was a funny little thing.  Her holo just screamed in the bottle, but on the nail, not so much - she more glitteres her way on my nails.  Beautiful none the less. 
She dried with a rather kind of plastic finish *-*  I applied 3 coats.  I intentionally made her a full mani right from the start - I had already done my prep work and applied my treatments, I was not going to back out of it.
I know not all holo's play well with certain bc's or tc's, but the plastic satin finish she had was not something I was expecting.  So, I slapped a regular tc on it (Revlon Color Stay) and finished her off with SV -
her shine was beautiful after that!!  Gotta love SV! (at least I do anyway)
I have been trying out some new nail treatments and I must admit I am rather pleased with the results. New to my routine are Gelous, Salon Science Instant Artificial and Fiberglass Network, also by Salon Science.  All of these products can be found at Sally's.  I have been alternating the Gelous and Instant Artificial but for the most part always use the Fiberglass Network.  I love how strong they feel now with a full manicure, they even look a lot smoother as well.

Well, that does it for me and Meg Peg today.
What have you overlooked from your stash lately?
Funds a little tight but you want the thrill and gratification of a new np - shop your stash!! 
You just might be pleasantly surprised at what you might find, again!!

Until next time - Happy Polishing!!

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  1. This is a pretty one! I've been liking IA but haven't tried Gelous or Fiberglass Network (yet, anyway).

  2. Oooh she's a pretty plastic looking thing!! I just stare at all my polishes, it's much easier to just go out and start hoarding then to analyze what you have and use it. Something I'm getting the hang of for sure!

  3. so lovely color


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