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Thursday, August 19, 2010



WOW!! Can you believe I have been gone for 6 weeks??  It truly doesn't feel like it's been that long, but a day did not go by when I did not receive an e-mail, txt, phone call or even a RAOK from one of you!!
I have been busy with life but not my nails - they really took a beating from lack of TLC - but I think I am back on the road to recovery now.  I've only done 4, yes 4 mani's in 6 weeks and had to cut my nails down to nubbins twice for breaks and chips.  The one thing I will share with you is that I am still not cured from my H1N1, you know, Haz 1 Needz 1 more *giggles to self*.  Anywho, I decluttered my stash and helmerized!!  Not with just 1 but 2! The red ones are really nice - it matches my sitting room!! I am now a hot red sassy helmer owner!!  Told you I was not  cured...and I need 2 more, I still have quite a bit of overflow!! I dare not reveal how many polishes I have!! Let's just say I'm closer to over 1,000 than I am to under 100. :-O  I've only bought 1 collex since I've been away, the VV collex by ChG and a few d/s brands here and there.  I know I have a lot to catch up with. *close your mouths people, it's not nice to read with shock and awe*
It has truly been a very humbling experience these past couple of weeks...hence the subtitle.  I will be making a few positive and welcomed changes to my blog, at least I think so anyway.  Wait, it's MY blog and if I say they're good changes, then they are good changes!! :-)  I was and am much too lazy to change my page so I figured I'd just change the contents with-in it.
Life is short, just like all of my bottles of np.  Never take any day for granted.  Regardless of what your dealing with today - it will look a little brighter in the morning.  Just like some of my mani's, I hate it the day I do it.  I go to bed, tossing and turning about the ugly mani I did, but the next morning - my mani looks a lot better than what I thought it did the night before, especially once I put mani extender on, it really shines and looks pretty decent - just like my life!!  I lost a good nights worth of sleep worried about something that ended up not being half bad at all. (SMILE) *carefully steps down off soap box*

My future plan is to designate each day to a theme: 
SUNDAY:  Super Sweepstakes Sunday - every Sunday will be a give-a-way by way of a sweepstakes.  WHY, you may ask?  Remember I had quite a few of doubles, so I have decided to give them away to you my readers!!  If your a follower, you're entered.  If you commented that week, you're entered. If you tweeted that week, you're entered. That's it.  (The same person will not win twice with in a 30 day period)  No fuss for me.  You will know the week before what polish(es) will be entered in the sweepstakes and then you can decide if you want to enter that week or not.  *hint - one week someone will win a Hidden Treasure*
MONDAY:  Monday will be my comparison days.  If you want to know if something is a dupe or if you want to see a color comparison - just let me know!!  If I don't have it and can't get it I will let you know.  Monday Matches will be all up to my reading audience.
TUESDAY:  Will still be FATT tuesday (Finger Art Tutorial Tuesday) No explanation needed.
WEDNESDAY: What I know for sure... This day will take on anything and everything under the sun that will relate to some revelation that I received through the week. Please feel free to share with me on those days - because I may use your words of wisdom as well.
THURSDAY:  I have no crafty idea yet, sorry!! :-(
FRIDAY:  This is a new one for me - FOTD!!  Yes, I am coming out from behind the computer screen and will be revealing pieces of me (well my face anyway) to show techniques and routines that I have learned and found to be tried and true over time, for me anyway.
SATURDAY:  NUFFIN!!  I need time to gather myself.

So, there you go - for your selected reading pleasure.

No pics today - no sun and I took no pics while I was on hiatus.  I will be catching up one nail at a time and look forward to hearing from each and everyone of you!!

~~Until next time...Happy Polishing~~




  1. Whoo Who!!! Can't wait to see all the new changes. Welcome back :)

  2. Happy to have you back! Can't wait to see and hear about all that you have learned :)

  3. YeY! welcome back!! glad you are returning.. your schedule sounds amazing!! I love this post! this is why I love the nail bloggers. sharing cool polish stories + and loving and appreciating your nails/body/life...etc!

  4. wow if you can manage to do that every week and still have your life, you're great! haha. I need to find a lot of time between school and work to make pics and post and stuff.
    glad to have you back!

  5. @jbrobeck - Thank you!! It's good to be back!!

    @RMC - Thank you!! I'm glad to be back!!

    @Jackie S - Thanks!! The blogeshpere isn't big enough for ALL that I learned!! :-)

    @Pretty - Thank you!! I hope to be able to touch each and every one of you where life is leading you and know at the end of the day - it's still just nail polish!!

    @younailedit - Thank You!! It's not as grueling as it sounds, but I think it will be fun!!

  6. Welcome back! :o) I can't wait to see everything.

  7. So glad to see you're back. We've missed you!

  8. can't wait to see what you got planned for us. So far it sounds great!!!!

  9. Glad you're back! Welcome to the Helmer club. :)


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