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Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Flitter, the flutter and the flatterer!!


Okay so I had nothing real original to call this post so I thought I'd use the play on words with the new OPI Summer Collection Flutter!!

I almost couldn't believe this was all there was to the entire set since there was no Red and no color named Suzi!!  The Shrek Collection (which i have yet to swactch) also does not have a Red or a Suzi - me wonders whats going on - an OPI collection with no Red or Suzi seems a little odd to me.
(For swatching purposes: 1 coat t2b by Orly, Cafe' au Lait, 3 coats of np, 1 coat 2tb by Orly)
Yep - I know, I'm late again - but just a lazy day for me - I was up way too late watching black and white movies and eating trail mix!! :-)  I know, I should have been swatching then - but I was too into the movie and my trail mix to want to stop and swatch np!

So here we have two of the four today:
(I had to drag it out for suspense purposes) 
No, of course this is not part of the collection - but I wanted to showcase the opaque nude that I wear under sheers so that I dont have VNL.  You can use any taupe or nude that fits your taste - but this one here seems to work best for me right now - but I have quite a few I can pick from (needs to do a comp)
See how this virtually takes my fingers to a manniquin hand - that's the secret to no VNL!


She was a very nice sheer - and even with the opaque nude under it, I still needed to use three coats - but it covered completely and it shown well.  This Coral was very unique to me, but then I thought I may have had something similar (which I'm sure many of you may have)

So, I went to my stash - which by the way I have cleared 400 and am so close to 500 I scare myself!! :-O

As close as I thought these two were (in my mind i thought they were) upon further review - NOT!!  Gilda is definitely more pink and Wing It is a coral.

I could not get a better picture of this for the life of me - I may have had too much coffee by the time I was taking this picture!!
This picture may the truest of the color irl of all the pics I took.

She really is not a barbie colored pink and not even dusty.  Closer to maybe a bubble gum pink but not as neon.  She also has the slightest shiimmer to make it just a little interesting.  The shimmer seemed to shimmy silver to me (say THAT five times fast!!) - but then again that's just my opinion.
As hard as I tried I could not get the shimmer to show.  Application was a dream to apply and the clean up process was flawless, unlike the Wing It that seemed to pull during clean up because of the fine glitter in it.
She really is a pretty pink and not a baby pink as it seems to show here - but I kept this picture in because I like my hand position!!  Anal, I know!!

Well, that does it for me today - tomorrow I will bring you the other two in this set.  Since I have been hearing the grumblings on the nailboard that Charla and Catch Me in your Net are very similar, if not dupes - I will be bringing  you that comp pic on my nail as well - I'll let you be the judge on if they're dupes or not, (me no tink so).

Until Next Time...Happy Polishing

P.S.  I'm still not finished purging, but as of last night I had 20 polishes to add to a giveaway - I'm 'donating' my doubles to a lucky follower - so....



  1. There's no Suzi in Shrek... or maybe Suzi was worried she'd turn into a green thing with weirdy ears ! :) x

  2. BUWHAAAA!!! Maybe Shrek ATE Suzi!! :-)

    Thanks for the smile!!

  3. Thanks for the nude tip against VNL!

  4. Glad I was able to be of assistance to you. It wasn't my original idea - but I've never done another sheer without it and now I like my sheer np again!! :-)


  5. Ah HAHAHAHA.."Shrek ate Suzi"...Nice!

    I like the nude polish idea, I may try this with the new Sally Hansen HD's :)

  6. I have been wanting to get that SH nude and thought too it would be the perfect nude for brown skin. :)

    Your nails are growing fast I can see your free edge is past your nailbed. Thanks for the comps!!

    I was glad it was only 4 in this collection because I saved some money. lol!!

    Hey, maybe SUZI is really FIONA...Bwahahahah!!!

    (whisper: I'm glad you put your blog name on your pictures:)

  7. Thanks RM!! I will never go without Biotin or my prenatals or Nail Envy or....I digress.

    I'm surprised you don't have that Sh already - it's really a great one coater for sheers.

    Clearly somebody at Suzi in the trilogy of Shrek!! Maybe she was allergic to cats and Puss n Boots scared her away!! HAHAHAHA

    (whispers back - I'm learning from my mentor!!)

  8. I bought Wing It! last week and I hated it on my nails. I tossed it into my "to Swap" pile. :(

  9. Awwe!! Did you not like it because it was sheer or for the color? Try it again with a nude underneath to make it a little more opaque - sheers need love too!! :-)

  10. hmm i would love to see flower to flower in a comp to orly fiesta. Are they similar?

    thanks for swatching :)

  11. @Crystaliciouss - come on back tomorrow and I'll have that comp out just for you!! Ask and you shall receive!! :-)


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