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Friday, June 25, 2010

Sunrise by Cover Girl

Hello Fellow Followers

Today I bring you a RAOK from my friend Janet.  She thought I would appreciate this color - and I really do!!

Look at the vibrancy of the color!!
Look at the Gold shining through!!

Oh she's mesmorizing, isn't she??

I'm speechless at her performance!!  She applied well.  The first coat was a little streaky, evened out by the second and the third coat gave it complete coverage.  I was very happy with the application. 
 The only downside was the very long brush - I felt as though I should have been moping the floor instead of painting my nails! :-)  None the less, I was very pleased with this color and I'm sure she'll be making a full debut real soon - maybe even this evening as a pedi!!
So, do you have any Cover Girl nail polishes from back in the day?
This is my one and only and Im surprised they are not still in circulation today.
I guess getting your hands on Cover Girl today is like getting your hands on Street Wear NP.  Oh the days of yesteryear were some good ol' days for NP!!  If we only knew then what we know now!! :-)

Well, that does it for me this week!
Have a great weekend!  Enjoy the sun and have some fun!!
See you all back here on Monday Morning with some swatches of collections!!

Untiil Next Time...Happy Polishing!! 

Don't be a ghost...Leave me a post!!


  1. This is beautiful. I remember playing with Cover Girl as a kid but I don't own any today. That will change soon thou :)

  2. Thank You!! *why does this statement make me feel old???* Glad that will change for you soon, Good lick on your hunt.

  3. This looks great on your hands, I love the shimmer!

  4. Thank you!! I love the gold shimmer also!! I'm wearing it as a pedi also I liked it so much!! (i love to mat & coordinate my mani/pedi in the summer!! Anal, i know!! :-)

  5. That is a really neat color. Loving it.
    I don't have any Cover Girl polishes.

  6. Thank you!! I sure wish the np industry would bring back some the old and true polishes - they seemed to be so much more 'interesting'!! :-)

  7. Your nails look FABULOUS! And that's a great color for you as well!

  8. I do have a few of these older cover girl polishes (does that make me old? hee hee!) and I posted one on my blog last week. None of mine is as nice and vibrant as this though!

  9. Oh, I love those old NailSlicks. I kept some from back in the day, and have swapped to get some more.


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