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Friday, June 4, 2010

Last Stop - Milan and Paris!!

(My apologies for being so late with my post today - I was out getting my new phone - the HTC EVO by Sprint!! YEAH!!)


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Though I have been to Italy on more than one occasion... travels never took me to Milan - but I can say that having been to Italy - I can see why they used Red for the Milan and not New York.
The fashionista's in Italy are as abundant as the nail polishes in my stash!!

The women and men NEVER leave their homes unless they are impeccably dressed and ready for the runway!! 

This hue here is pretty true to form!  Red is my favorite np color, but it has to be a blue red not an orange red.
This red here - truly fits the bill of a true blue red - even though it pulls a little tomatoe colored here - its really not. This was two coats - I should have used three - I had a little VNL! :-O

Then I boarded for my final destination:
This was the most fabulous plum np I think has ever graced my fingertips!!

She was pure perfection in her application - three coats to make her shine!

I do have quite a few purples and plums in my stash - but I don't think I have one this perfect with being this opaque or perfect in application.  I was truly amazed at how much I enjoyed this one.
Look at that pretty plum passion of perfection!!  I soooooo loved this one!!
Her application was so perfect and precise, she required very little clean up - because the polish went and stayed exactly where I placed it with the brush - which by the way I actually enjoyed using. 
To my regret I never made it to take any tours through Paris.  I made it to Paris - but I never left my room, but the bathroom was quite nice with all it's marbeling and gold fixtures!!  It was the nicest bathroom I ever got sick in!!
After I made it back to my home in Germany, I know why I was so sick - I was pregnant with my second child!!  :-)  I never did make it back to Paris - but now that I'm retired - maybe I'll make it back one day soon!!

Well, that does it for me today and my little venture down memory lane of me and my travels.  I hope you enjoyed the np colors and my little stories.

What countries have you visited in your lifetime?

You still have time to enter the giveaway - the winner to be announced on Monday!!

Unitl Next Time - Happy Polishing!!


  1. Very pretty. I'm loving Paris the most. :)

  2. Oh, that's right, the Evo came out today, didn't it?! Congratulations! Pls let us know how it's working for you - I'm thinking of getting it too. I'm still trying to get over seeing "Diet Coke" on a nail polish bottle. Amazing marketing strategy!

  3. I love this red, where did you get this?

  4. I'm really liking milan...and it's a red! It looks like a it?


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