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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Funky French and Dots!!

(I got a little long winded today - so bare with me)

Sorry about the delay in my posting today - but for any of you who have heard of the 6 P's (Piss Poor Planning Prevents Poor Performance), that has been me today!!  Murphy's Law has truly been in effect!!  ARRRG!! 

I started my day by waking up way too late - even for me!
I didn't hear my alarm go off, so I missed my water aerobics class!
It's raining here so my body is revolting against me - which is probably why I over slept and didn't hear my alarm clock.
My battery died on my camera while trying to download my pics for the blog - so while waiting I decided to straighten out my stash!!!  WHY?!?!?!?  Who knows, but I can't be the only one who buys np faster than they can put it away and then you look up one day and you have np all over your dresser!! 

So, while waiting for my battery to recharge - I began a serious purging and cleaning and straightening out of my stash and equipment - and 3 hours later - Im still not finished!!

I am one of those people that once I get a notion in my head and I commence the execution of that notion - there are no holds barred!!  You may say - that's a good thing - NO!!  Because I'm not organized enough to reel it all in and realize enough is enough and you can stop now.  Thank goodness I'm not a hairdresser - I'd never know when to stop cutting and dying one's hair!! :-O 
Okay - enough on my day - 

Yesterday I brought you Sally Hansen's Extreme Plum Power - well, I wasn't ready to change it (or should I say I didn't feel like changing it yet) so I decided to try a konad with it since I needed the practice.  I love the concept of konading/fauxnading - but boy oh boy do I have the hardest time with it.

Well I thought Pink and Plumb would look pretty together
(The 5th grader in me must have been wanting to come out!)

This is from the BBC Hands of Hope Haiti fundraising collection that they did exclusively during the initial earthquake.  I purchased the entire collection that was a LE collection and was made solely for the purpose of fundraising, of which 25% of all sales went to the American Red Cross. 

In my head as I was contemplating this little venture I was excited - but as my the fruits of my labor came to fruition - it wasn't as cute as I thought it would be....
I used Konad plate #M79

...and nail guides.

I will say that this was the first time that I did a konad design that didn't take me 30 minutes of stopping and redoing.  It was actually a flawless process and I used the same np for stamping as I did for the tips, so all and all I thought it was pretty cool - but I kept looking at my fingers and picturing myself with a blow pop in one hand and school books in the other!!

Then since I had done a little clean up of my nail area I thought I'd share with you how I kept my plates and konading supplies... 
I bought this folder for a $1.79 at Staples.  The inserts I think cost me about $2 or $3 for 10 sheets of which the plates fit perfectly!! 
My book isn't completely full - but it's very close to it, I also have all the Bundle Master 21 Plate set in this book!!
It fits perfectly in-between my dresser and my np cabinet (it's a rubber maid standing tower - that IS full!!)

And here is where I keep my konading tools... 
In this box I keep pure acetone, black and white konading np (more colors are on the way) double sided q-tips for easy cleaning of the stamp plate and the stamper, both types of stampers, an old hotel card cut in half and alcohol pads (that I can use when using the konading polishes - the alcohol pads allows for easy removal of the stamp if necessary)

So, there you have it - a small peak into my little world of some of my brains and tools.  I swore I'd never be one of those type of bloggers - but I just couldn't resist showing you that at times - I can be organized and be proud of it!!

Well, that does it for me today - back to cleaning out my stash!! :-(

Oh - I forgot - I found some duplicates in my stash - so guess what???

I'm going to do another giveaway with all my extra's!! 

So, keep following, bring a friend or two with you to follow me, keep commenting and now you can tweet about it and follow me
@levernischocola (there wasn't enough room for me to add the 't')

Who knows - this may even be a silent auction so there may not even be an announcement of when the giveaway starts - just when it finishes -


Until Next Time ...Happy Polishing!!


  1. Ah! I love this funky french!! It's adorbs!! :)

  2. @ Kittytokaren - Thanks!! Appreciate it!!

  3. Thanks for sharing, Love the color combo and love cigarette boxes!! :)

  4. This is really cute! I like the pink and plum.

  5. @RMC - Oh, thank you!! I love those cigar boxes - but I learned today - they took up too much romm in my np stash!! :-)

  6. @ Jessica - thank you!! I felt like a 12 year old with this mani - but it did grow on me after a few hours!!

  7. I have labadie beach and I loooove it!! <3

  8. lol at don't be a ghost leave a post! so funny! i am not into pinks much but i like this look

  9. @ Rebecca - I loved it when I first wore with my "talons" now I'm trying to get used to the shawties - thank you!!

    @Jbro - that's going to be my new slogan!! :-) Thanks - I still thought I looked like a 12 year old with those colors!! :-)

  10. WOW what a day you had. :) It is fun to be sorting and cleaning. I would have loved to help you.
    LOVE your manicure and your storage for your plates is great.
    Great write up,

  11. Uhm, Susie - something tells me if you came to 'help' me with my stash you would a) 'help' yourself and/or b) 'help' me to be better at konading!! :-)

    Thanks - I wish all my stash were as organized as my plates!!

  12. I wouldn't outright steal anything but I might drool on a few so you won't want them.
    I would love to help you with Konading. Come on over. :)

  13. I don't wanna be a ghost, so I decided to post a comment. XD
    I hope tommorow will be a better day for you. ;)


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