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Friday, April 30, 2010

Aimiing High with the Air Force!!


I know you're wondering what the...???  Well, let me explain - we have a son who is stationed in Korea and since the day he landed I've been asking for nail polish (surprise, surprise)!!

Well for those of you who know - Nfu-Oh is a Korean nail polish - and that's what I wanted from him, I don't ask for much from him - over $100.  After a couple of months of humming and hawmming on his part he finally sent me a package.  I came home today, opened the mail box and I saw his chicken scratch handwritting on a flat rate box - saw the international label said nail polish and became VERY excited!!

But then I heard rattling - a lot of rattling - as I took the box out of the mailbox, carefully - as if it were something hazardous or something - wait - nail polish IS hazardous!!  :-O
My heart skipped a beat - because I just envisioned broken bottles inside - but I didn't smell anything - so I know it was just poor packaging on his part.

Here is what he sent:
Oh boy...I could not have not have been more surprised and happy if Fabuloustreet had showed up at my door with 100 bottles for free! 
(okay - i lie)
I couldn't tell you the names of these colors to save my life - but this one here is my favorite - even before swatching it...
I knew she was going to be my favorite!!
Look at all that glimmer and shimmer and shine with glittah!!  YIPEE!!
I do not have Lippman's Happy Birthday - but this one sure looks close to me!

Now for those who do have the Nfu-Oh's you know that there are no names on the polishes, just numbers, well these are no different..

Needless to say I have thanked my son profusely!!  And little did I know - his father was in on the whole thing and never let out a peep!!  MEN!!

I know he had to have taken some female friends with him and clearly they have a good understanding of nail polish because they picked out a great selection.

So, to my favorite oldest son, thanks again and we miss you!!

I will be swatching these for your viewing pleasure very very soon, so until then I leave you with this.....

 To every servicemember who has given their lives for our freedom and the right to even have such priviledges of wearing any color np we want to wear - I say THANK YOU!!  
To every servicemember in uniform and for every servicemembers family members who have waited for them to return home or who have sat by the phone waiting for their phone calls - I say
and to every retired servicemember who has served our country proudly and honorably, standing tall and looking good (I'm a sucker for a man in uniform)again, I say

(Thank you Mr. Man, for 21 great years in the Navy)

Til Next Time...Happy Nail Polishing!!


  1. How sweet, how nice, how wonderful.

  2. Yeah - I say the same thing to him about once a year!! :-) Thanks!! I'll be swatching them soon!!

  3. That's great! And congratulations on having one of your own serving this country.

  4. THANK YOU!! We all actually served - I was in the Army - 15 years, my husband Navy - 21 years, My brother in law Marines - years and our son Air Force - 8 years!! Needless to say we have some intereting conversations at the family picnic!! :-)

  5. ok, first the polishes are great, but I love the last part. My cousin just left for Afghanistan last night, and I've been fighting tears all day and I just wanna say thank you so much for being thankful.

  6. YAY!!! Son came through, huh!!! He did a good job. I think the glittery one is my favorite too :)

  7. @ Nihrida - that's exactly what I said - WOW!! Then I started fussing because the could have broken due to the lack of packaging - but they all made it safe and sound!! YEAH!!

    @ Scandelous - I can't say thank you enough for all or our men in women in uniform no matter how long they served - they allow us to do the things we do and take for granted. My thoughts and prayers will be with you and your cousin - I have truly been where you are.

    @ RMC - YES HE DID!! I'm so proud of him - not for the polishes, okay, yeah, that too, but for what he does on an every day basis putting his life in harms way so we don't have to!! The glittery is so pretty - can wait to swatch them all. Going to get Ultra Violet today thanks to you!! :-( :-)

  8. I'm loving that pink. He did good :)

    ♥ SailorWifey

  9. I think I'm going to love them ALL - just because he sent them. Yes, he did - Now if he would just hook a sistah up with some Konad's and Nfu-Oh's!! Thanks!!

  10. Very nice you are a lucky woman!


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