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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Up and Away Collection (3 of 3)


Well, I must say - this has been a very busy 3 days for me swatching and switching and swatching some more!!  I will admit if any of these pictures seem a little dinky at some sort or if my hand positioning looks a little weird - It's because I was doing opposite colors on opposite hands to save time.

I am by no means ambidextrious - but I am impatient - so I would take the picture with my right hand of my left hand in an upside down position and then in my little photo program FLIP it and make everything look "normal". :-]

Unless otherwise indicated all of the following is a base coat, white base np (which helps with pastel colors to 'POP' and make them a little more vibrant), 2 coats of np and a top coat. 
P.S. for swatching purposes I use CHEAP base and top coats!!


First up for your viewing pleasure:
(no white based used)
There wasn't a damn thing lucky about this Four Leaf Clover!!  The number should have been 666 instead of 866 - it was the devil and all his demon spawn to try and capture the green that it really is!!  I swatched this thing on two different days on two different hands (we only have two anyway, right?) and this is what I kept getting:

I look at my hands and think wow this is a pretty color (and I don't even like the color green unless it has dead presidents on them - remember, I have horror thoughts of my days in the Army from green) and my nails look gorgeous - I look at the screen...

...and get this!!  I tried it inside the house, outside the house, in the shade, in the sun, in the closet, out of the closet... ARRRG!!  Trust me - I may not know how to fenagal a camera, but I know my damn colors!!!

Now this truly was something sweet to apply!  Easy application, it was streaky the first coat - but what pastel isn't, right?  The second coat took it right to perfection:
Here she is in my kitchen window.  Pretty perfect pastel pink!!  Just girly enough not to make you think of Barbie but not so pink to make you think of Pepto Bismol either!! (or a Mary Kay car of days gone by)
See, she almost looks like a perfect pink bubble from bubbalicious bubble gum!  (Don't mind the wonky ring finger - long story that involved, doctors, blood and a very L-O-N-G needle)  I digress!!  I brought her inside so you could see her in the natural light.  She could make any spring outfit chic and classy!!

And then...
Minty - this absolutely was - re-freshing - not so much.  If I had to say I had a problem with any one of the np in this collection - this was my only problem child - but after a good scalding - she settled down and applied perfectly!!  So I guess you could say it was operator malfunction!!
I never did get on the Chanel Jade train - she left the station before I could even buy a ticket to get on board, so by the time I realized what a mint or Jade even was (my mind was thinking either the candy or the jewelry), the only thing close to a jade I came to getting was the Claire's Dream Catcher, which is STILL in my untrieds!!  :+{
...and here she is inside - why do I suddenly have a taste for peppermint ice cream?  She really smoothed out once I applied the top coat.  I don't think I'll be having anymore trouble out of her ever again!!  She's a beauty, she is!!

And last in this series...
(no white base used)
...and boy was I ever!!  She was the softest shade of teal I think I own.  She really stands quite well on her own accord.
Here she really was Flying High and so was my dog!!  He came flying by me chasing the puppy and swiped me just as I took the picture!!  I wanted to kick him - but he has no concept of all the hard work that goes into trying take a picture and hold your hand and...anyway - I couldn't take another one that gave me this accuracy - so I left it in!!
...and here she is at my window - this is pretty color accurate.  She will be getting plenty of action this summer, that's for sure!!  She's a beauty!!  Application was a dream, coating was just right and the top coat just put it right over the top of magnificent!!

Now I know for those of you have the OPI Collection or at least the colors Jade is the New Black and Suzy says Fung Shey - are they similar?  Similar, maybe, but far from dupes!!

My camera died before I could do a nail comparison,
but I did get the bottle comparison: 
ChG Four Leaf Clover on the Left - OPI Jade is the New Black on the Right
ChG Flying High on the Left - OPI Suzy says Fung Shey on the Right

Well, that does it for me today and for this collection! 
Now I can honestly say none of these are untrieds any longer!!  Okay, so they were swatches and not full mani's but I wore them - at least on one hand - so that counts!!  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!! :-}

So tell me, do you have any full collections that are still in your untrieds?  If so which ones and why?

P.S. We all ask questions for a reason because we love to read your responses.  Who knows, one of these days we may have a give-a-way to the person who has commented the most on our posts for this blog site!!

We really do read each and everyone of your comments - and we do our best to answer each and every one.
So, until next time - happy polishing!!


  1. This is such a wonderful collection!! Re-fresh mint is my favorite of this bunch :) I did jump on the bandwagon for all the mint greens out there. I believe I have everyone :)

  2. RMC - I'm glad you enjoyed the collection. Swatching it was rather enjoyable as well. Thanks for the compliment. (ALL the mint greens? *sheesh*)

  3. I feel your pain with color accuracy! Some colors just won't behave. I haven't bought any complete collections in a while, although I am close to doing so on the Zoya Sparkles.

  4. @NY*NAIL*DIVA - Thanks!! more like HOT HEADED since I couldn't get the accuracy I wanted.

    @JennyKaye - and painful it was!! I am so with you on the Zoya's!! Can't wait to gather enough bottles to get all the ones I want! Collections is the only way I roll!! :-) Thanks for answering the question!!

  5. OMG yes! Four Leaf Clover is impossible to photo! I really need to try Flyin' High. It's in my untrieds and you make it so beautiful.

  6. Kelly - and here I was thinking it was my and my camera. Yes, flyin' high truly is a gorgeous color. You must try her soon - she's a beauty on the nails!! THANK YOU!!

  7. I have yet to try all of the colours in this collection.They all look gorgeous on you. I totally agree with you about Four Leaf Clover,that "bish" is impossible to capture on film!

    Love your blog :)

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Pinkginger - thank you so much for your kid words. Four leaf clover is a gorgerpus green cream - but there was nothing aboout lucky for me that day, *sigh* Thanks.

  10. I just love these bright colors on you. They look great! =)

  11. Nihrida - thank you!! I really had fun swatching these colors - made me so ready for spring sandles!! DH is a little scared though - he just looks at me and shakes his head!! :-) Brights are BEAUTIFUL!!


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