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Friday, April 23, 2010

Dollar Store Score!!


I hope you all enjoyed my introduction to spring with the Up and Away collection.  One day soon I will do a comp on some of the colors I have that may be close in color to some of these.  But today is NOT that day!! :-)

Today I am showing you that the Dollar Store, Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Family Dollar or any other bargain basement shopping can render you some great results:

These were some few odds and ends that I picked up because, well, they were a dollar a piece.  Those colored pots in the middle - they are acrylic paints!!
I like to dabble in nail art occassional so I thought this was great for me.
I have on occasion on another dollar day haul have actually found the Art Deco Pens, for, that's right $1.
One thing that is really great about some dollar store finds are the TWO in a package for a $1 - and before I started blogging I have even on occasion found Coloroma nail polish which are usually packed 3 to a pack for, you got it $1.  Those really get me excited - but on this day two packs were good.
I took these all out of the packages to show them to you in their true colors.  I labeled them so that you could know they really weren't the same color.  The great thing about these kind of polishes is that they are great for layering or using for frankening, if that's your thing.  You also want to stock up on clear np's from the dollar store that you may find for frankening.  You never want to use the good stuff like OPI or Diamont!!

One thing that is really great about the dollar store finds is that
for packaging, they sometimes put two very similar colors or sometime even the same color in these packages, which is fine - because I love to swap and you would be surprised how many people are looking for the older bottles, models and formula before the B3F days.  I am one of those older version is better collectors.  I really don't think there is any other brand that has changed their shape and formula more times than Sally Hansen!!

Now L'Oreal is incomperable to any other in it's older formula.  In it's hay day it was the nail polish that was considered high end - today it went for - you got it $1, actually .50 because they were packaged in packs of two!! :-)
Now these three here I almost left at the store because, well, they were packaged individually and I had to pay a whole dollar for them!!  That hurt my feelings!  That's what happens when you go dusty bargain basement hunting - you get spoiled.  Then I went to Sally's - I had to - they were having buy two get one free!  Who can pass up free??  Not ME!! :-)....AND I had a 20% off coupon for entire purchase!!  KA-CHING!!

I know I said buy two get one free but I could't decide which one to put back so I got them all and bought two blue Finger Paints to get one for free (don't know why I didn't take pic's of the FP)  The Candle Apple was beautiful - I wore that one with my Konad I posted a few weeks back. 

These I really could not capture the true color or vibrancy from.  They really are gorgeous in real life!!

Chocolate Mint      Champagne      Gotchya Grape

I've been back twice since these pictures were taken - I'm a sucker for sale!

 Click below for all the details - this is one sale you don't want to miss!! 

Until next time...Happy Polishing!!



  1. Lots of mannequin hands!!! Love the nina's :)

  2. WOW, can I come where you live? Nice haul.

  3. @rmc - they are not as neutral as they look in the pictures - there are berries and mauves and nudes and chocolates - but hey, 2/1 who cares how neutral they are right?? The Zoya sale is coming up!!

    @Susie - sure!! All my friends think I'm nuts for all my np hauling anyway. :-) Thanks!!

  4. I for one wouldn't ever think you are nuts because we are a lot a like. :)

  5. @susie - Between blogging and the nb I feel very normal!! :-) ... but you have more hobbies than I do!! :-o

  6. Ya I have so many hobbies I don't know what to do sometimes when I wake up each day. LOL.

  7. I have the same problem - but mine is just one - after my house chores - which color do I want to paint my nails today and then what do I blog about for tomorrow. Oh we have such difficult lives and troubles!! :-)


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