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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

UP and AWAY Collection (1 of 3)


Well, spring finally seems to be in the air!!  I am so glad - spring and fall are my favorite seasons of the year. Not too hot and not too col. But, just right (why do I suddenly feel like Goldilocks?)!

The "Up and Away Collection" is a combination of every pastel color you could ever think of. I thought I'd showcase it over the next few days in its entirety to highlight the beauty of them. 

I had no problems with any of the applications. Some where a little thicker than others, but a few drops of thinner cleared it right up. 

Unless otherwise indicated all swatches are basecoat, Orly White Out, 2-3 coats of NP and top coat.  A white base is the trick to making your pastels POP and not look so pale!! :-)

On with the show!!

First up for review is Grape Pop - she is a beauty!!

This was taken in the middle of the day and I thought it was just gorgeous!  I never was much into purples before the nailboard - that place has really changed my life AND my wallet!! *hangs head* This color required no white base and was three coats. (I'm a three coater for most polishes)

This is Light as Air (as if you couldn't read that already!)  Application for this was smooth as butter.

This also surprised me when it came to the color.  I was really impressed by how well it looked.  It's not as dark as OPI's Done out in Deco. I know some of you were wondering that, so I did a comp just to show you:

(Bear with me as I'm still learning to deal with my Paint Shop)

DoiD is Done Out in Deco and LaA is Light as Air.  They are different by quite a few shades.

Here is another color I never thought I would enjoy -

Me - in a yellow??  I never thought i could pull it off, but I did and I think it looks pretty good!!

The sun was starting to go down on this picture - so I had to use a flash - but this is pretty true to color.  I do believe the white base really makes me like it more than wearing it on its own.

Now this I did not think I would like as much as I did, but boy -
I needed sunglasses while wearing this one!! :-O

This one was a lot of fun wearing - I just kept laughing at myself not believing I was wearing something so bright - but I like it!!

Well, that's it for me today - I'll see you again tomorrow for four more fun shades from China Glaze's Up and Away Collection!

Until then - Happy Polishing!!


  1. Awesome post. I have that collection. Only used one so far. Nice colors,
    Great write up,

  2. I bought this collection for a friend who was *just* getting into polishes. She sends me photos every time she wears a new one! Sadly, I've only worn a couple myself. I love this one though. It might be my favorite collection of all!

  3. I love the bright colors on you! Especially Happy Go Lucky. Looks AWESOME

  4. @Susie1955 - Thank You Susie. What are you waiting on girl - get to showcasing and konading those babies!! They are fun colors!!

    @NY*NAIL*DIVA - Thank you!! I too am a New Yourkah - welcome fellow Nail Diva!!

    @Cidell - gurl - what you need to to start wearing those bad boys - wait - only wearing them when your NOT sewing - you may miss a stitch!! Thank you!!

  5. @Scandelous - Thank you so much!! I appreciate the love!! :-)

  6. droool grape pop looks luuush on you :-)

  7. @Rebekah - *hands Rebekah a towel for her drooling* Thank you, hon!! :-)

  8. yay, pastels!!! i LOVE Grape Pop and Light As Air on you :)

  9. SO many colors SO little time. :)

  10. @Blog717 - Thank you!! Yeah, this spring weather has got me swatching like a runaway from home - real fast - so I can get you all excited about pastels too!!

    @susie1955 - you can paint in between baking cakes??? :-) Just a thought!!

  11. Well I do like to enjoy the ones I do for a few days anyway. :) It will be time to change them tomorrow but will do another of the ChG Poolside Collection.

  12. They actually made me like a yellow (Lemon Fizz) which is huge. Grape Pop is just amazing.

  13. Wow!!! the purples are so pretty :)


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