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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

OPI Sand-erella

Hello Fellow Followers!!

Today's showcase is Opi's Sand-erella!!

from the "It's Summer for Shore" (Not sure what  year- if you know -  leave me a comment)

Oh, look at the rainbow - I wonder if there is a pot of gold at the end of it??  Hmmmm??

Here she is inside - as where she was usually kept because her step sisters only wanted to see her in the house.  Even while inside she glimmers and glows just so subtly - she's so pretty!!

(Boy that Biotin is really working better than i thought it was!!)

Then I took her outside to get some fresh air - because she needed it after all that house work!!
She seemed a little shy showing off her glitter and glam when she first came out, but after a little talking to,
she still didn't want to show off her true colors - but she sure is pretty, none the less!!  THEN, I threatened to take her back in the house and put her back to work and......
she decided to show some of her glimmer and hiimmer ever so slighly - but she still came through none the less.
By this time she said she'd had enough - and she wasn't going to show anymore of her glimmer and shine - she was saving herself for the ball so that her prince could "sweep" her off her feet to never have another cuticle show through (as is above) and to have a photographer who knew what they were doing when taking pictures instead of someone like me - who has no clue but to point and shoot!! :-) 

So, what do you all think - is she pretty enough to take to the ball?  Oh,  by the way - she is very sheer - so she will need an undercoat of some kind of opaque polish.  She is so worth the extra layer.

What's YOUR favorite holograph?

Til next time - happy polishing!!


  1. Thank you for posting this!!! I have been lemming this forever and it's great to see :) it looks great on you!!!

  2. I had this one but it got lost. Summer for Shore was in 2003 I'm pretty sure. I love this one =)

  3. I think it's Summer 2008. Wow. I've never seen these before. It's very very pretty.

  4. I meant 2003, sorry! Scandalous is right.

  5. So beautiful! I've been looking for this one and my goodness is it pretty, I better keep up the search.

  6. sand-erella is sure a beautiful holo!! It looks great on you!! I bet she really shines in the bright sun :)

  7. thats a beautiful color reminds me of color club wild at heart- dupes?

  8. @ThePolishHoochie - thank you - I had been lemming it for a while and decided to go ahead and bite the dust and get it - so glad I did!!

    @Scandelous - Thank you so much for letting me know the year!! How did you let something so gorgeous get away - friends don't let friend borrow polish out of their house!! :-) thanks.

    @Cidell - thank you - i'm glad you put a second post I was a little confused there for a minute. Glad you like it!!

    @Smoochieforg - yep - thank you (maybe I should have had a prize drawing with so many people knowing the answer!)

    @Jessica - oh yes she is a beauty!! I didnt have to look far *cough cough* Starts with and e and ends with Bay *cough cough* I found a good deal!

    @rmcandlelight - yes she is pretty - she just didn't want her true beauty shining when I tried taking her picture - she was so shy!! :-)

    @aaminahs mom - I don't have the CC Wild Heart - but if someone else has it or if I run across it (or if someone wants to RAOK it to me) I would be more than happy to do a comparison for you. Thank you - she really is beautiful!!

  9. I haz a jealous! That is gorgeous!

  10. @ Evil Angel - don't be jealous (sings melodically) Some day your Sand-erella will come... Keep hope alive!! :-) Thank you soooo much!!

  11. That looks beautiful on you. And your nails are to die for girl!


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