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Monday, April 26, 2010

My Bar - You Bar - Nubar!!

Hello Fello Followers!!

Today I bring to you a swap that I really didn't know why I decided to swap for it, except for the fact that I had no Nubars and the swapper wanted a color I had two of - so I figured I'd give it a try - and I'm so glad I did!!  Thanks Cathy!!
This little girl had me dancing around my deck after I applied her.
This Girl is GAWGEOUS and I do mean GAWGEOUS!!  I did a full mani for this -
she was not to be swatched but to be worn in her fullness and glory of beauty!!
Do you see what I see??  Glitter, Glamour, Shimmer and Shine!!  OH!  I was just bowled over with this baby!!  Her application was flawless.  The first coat was a little sheer - so I was worried and then I thought, man - this is going to be PITA because it's so sheer...
But then I applied that that second coat and my face lit up - and I squeeled just a little bit because I could see her coming into her own!! 
I was bowled over with it showing brown, purple and tad bit of red shimmer - it truly reminded me of Rasberry Truffle!!
I finally brought her in out of the sun because I didn't want her to melt.  She was fabulous from beginning to end - she did take about 3 coats - which I did not applying because she was a dream to apply.  Even in the house she was just delicious to look at!!

I finally had to stop looking at my hands and decided to look in my fridge and pantry for some chocolate!!  :-)

Nubars can be purchased from

So, what do you think -
do you have this Nubar's that are good enough to eat? 

Thanks for looking, thanks for sharing and have a happy nail polish day!!


  1. I can't believe this is still in my untrieds! So pretty!

  2. That whole collection is on my wishlist!! It's such a pretty color :)

  3. @JK - thank you so much!! Yeah, why is it in your untrieds? (says 'I' who has over 150 untrieds herself!!)

    @RMC - Thank you - I loved this color - me needs some more nubars!! :-)


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