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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Up and Away Collection (2 of 3)


Today I bring you part two of my Up and Away Collection.  Thank you so much for your many comments on the review from yesterday - but quite a few of you said you had the collection but it was still untried!!  Oh for shame!!  Okay, so until I started blogging this collection sat in my untrieds also, but I just knew I had to showcase it in the bright sunshine to show the true beauty of the great colors. 

To me, China Glaze is neither high end or low end - it's kind of in the middle, especially if you have a Sally's card and/or a coupon - these nail polishes are pretty reasonable.  You can also buy them from any of the e-tailers that sell China Glaze (see our link at the top of the page that says e-tailers) and you can usually get them on line for about $3.25 - $4.00, but once you factor in the shipping and handling and the amount you have to buy to justify the shipping and handling, at least in my mind anyway - I usually try to get them at a brick and mortar store.  But to each his own.


Unless otherwise indicated all swatches consist of a base coat, white polish base, two coats of polish and a top coat

First up for review is Peachy Keen:

Smooth and even application - I found myself remembering my days back in Georgia - many years ago eating those Georgia Peaches with the juice runnning down the side of my hand and making that slurpping sound because it was so sweet and just enough.....oh - we were talking abou nail polish - not a fruit review - I digress!!

Inside with flash...

Outside in the beautiful Virgina sunshine - she is so pretty!!

Next up is High Hopes:

...and boy did she not let my hopes down at all!!  She is a GLORIOUS GLOWING peach, coral, and orange all wrapped into one!!

She had a flawless application and required no white base to show all of her beauty - she is all natural right here!! 

Inside no flash

Outside in the shade - I just could not capture her in the sun without a glare because she was so bright and pretty.  I think she'll be making her debut on my toes real soon!!

Next is Heli-yum: 

(Why do I keep writing the names as if you all can't read??) :+X

Now, I will admit I waited on baited breath. No, really knowing how pink this was going to be. I didn't know what to really expect. But, when I applied that first coat - OH BOY!!  She did not require a white base - she stood proud and strong all on her own!!

Here she is inside at my kitchen window. I almost wish I had made this a video - because then I would be talking in a high-pitched voice as if I had been sucking on hellium, heliyum, helium????

Here she is outside.  I was losing sun - but you can still see how vibrant she stands out amongst any and most pinks.  I have quite a few pinks - but I think this one has made my top 5 - for the pinks catagory that is!!

I tried to show her in some sun - but I guess I waited a bit too long.  Can you tell this was my favorite since I posted three pics of her instead of just two?

And last but definitely not least (I have one more day of this collection):

This one here just tickled me pink - like pink bubblegum and just as sweet!!

This one took me back to my days of Bazooka Bubble Gum.  At my age now - it's much to sweet for me - but boy when I was younger, I could put two or three pieces of that hard gum in my mouth and chew it 'til it got soft and make the biggest bubbles. I kept all the cartoons that came in the wrapper and...oops, there I go again - I digress.  I think all these pretties have given me adult ADHD or I need to lay off the acetone!! :+l

...and here she is before I lost all views of the sun.

So what do you think of the collection so far?

I did not see the movie, we have no little ones at home to beg us to take them to those cartoon movies - so I have no idea how these colors pair with the movie - but it would be my guess that, with the colors thus far it must be in relation to the colors of the balloons.  Did anyone see the movie?  Was it all about the balloons?

Thanks for looking!

That's it for today and I'll see you on Friday with my final review of this collection.

Until next time...happy polishing!!


  1. All the colors look pretty on you!!! I have to get to swatching mine :)

  2. RMC - Thank you! I think these were just some great colors for the season. You really should - this is the weather to be showing off these gorgeous colors!!

  3. SUGAR HIGH and HELI-YUM are awesome!

  4. NY*NAIL*DIVA - Thank you!! I am so ready to be sporting these babies in sandles!! They were awesome to apply also.

  5. The movie was amazing, I went with my boyfriend and we have 0 kids! It's worth watching anyway as it so emotional but also uplifting. It made my bf cry!! I still want Peachy Keen every time I see it, great swatches.

  6. Rebecca - thanks for that update on the movie!! Uhm, if the movie made him cry, what did YOU do?? Yes, honky dorie peachy keen it is. Thanks for the compliment.

  7. I want Heli-yum! I hate pink and yet I want that color!

    (told you I would comment!

  8. Kelly - glad I could cause a lemming in you!! Heli-yum is soooo going on my toes as soon as it stops raining here!! Thanks for sharing!!


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