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Tuesday, April 13, 2010 George I think I've Got It!!


Well, believe it or not, I really had no idea what I was going to be posting today and then I remembered I had on an interesting NOTD (nail of the day) over the weekend and decided I'd show you all some of my best Picasso I had ever done with KONADING!!  That's right - Konading!!

If you are familiar with the Konading process you know painting your nails blind folded may be easier than trying to master the konad stamp!! LOL!!  I have had my kit since February and have practiced it at least once a week - would get frustrated and put it away.  Well, by George, I think I've FINALLY got it!!

Here are the supplies I used:
Contrary to popular belief you need not only use konad polishes to use the stanper and plate.  Here I used Plate #63, double sided stamper, Color Club Golden Girl from the Haute Brown's Collection, Nina Ultra Pro Candi and Avon clear top shiney coat.  I did the stamping process after doing a complete mani with the colors first to include SV as my final top coat.  I went back 2 -3 hours later and did the konading.  Konading seems to work best over SV or Poshe after it's completely dry, so even doing it the next day is good.
I also never use my good stuff OPI or SV or Poshe for the top coat of konading - it's not really necessary, hence the Avon top shiny coat.  The nail polish (np) only needs to be opaque and preferrably a one coater.

Here she is in the shade!! (I'm holding my water glass *wink* *wink* (hiccup)

I also used the smaller clear stamper for the candy apple since it did not show up on the red side of the double stamper.  So if you're going to invest in a set, or (no affiliation) - get the clear stamp as well as the double-sided one.  It will be well worth the investment.  I also used an old credit card, cut in halfm, for swipping the np (I guess if your not familiar with Konading all of this is sounding like French to you.  You may want to YouTube or Google Konading to see the process. You can also use the plastic scraper that you can purchase.  Purchasing the steel scraper - scratches your plates and damages the design over time - so going plastic is best.

Here she is o uutside - stil holding onto my 'water glass'!!

I did a full manicure with the Candi Apple on four fingers and the Golden Girl on my accent finger.  Then a few hours later I came back and did the konad with plate #63 using the same np, but contrasting the colors.  Well, little did I realize the way I was holding the stamp when I placed the stamp - it would not cover my entire nail (that was okay - everything is fixable with nail art!)  So, I decided - okay - I'll now need to make it a funky french konad!!

So, once again, I took the same colors and did a contrasting free-hand french on each finger, and a chevron french on my accent finger.  Well, I couldn't leave well enough alone - so I pulled out my dotting tool (you can use a toothpick or bobby pin as well) and did, once again, contrasting color of dots on that chevron!  I just took my dotting tool and place the tip of it on the np brush and strategically placed the dots.

And this was the final result up close!!

It almost looks like a marble effect to me without all the mess!!

I received so many compliments with this design it floored me.  No one could believe that I had done them myself and they were my nails.  It made me feel a little proud inside!!

So, what's your favorite konading plate and color combo?  I'd love to know - we may all get some great ideas from reading your ideas!  Thanks in advance for sharing with us all!!

Until next time - happy konading!!



  1. Very pretty and well done lovie!

  2. Thank you Evil Angel!! Such a learnig curve - but finally a decent result!!

  3. Great job!
    I just got my konad set last night and I goofed so badly. :P I think I'll hold off on the french tip plates until I have a better grasp on the technique!

  4. It turn out really pretty!! It does look like a water marbling mani. Plate #M63 is one of my favorites. I too need to practice more! Hey, turn around and put the water glass down. I think you had enough Lol!!

  5. @Skulda - Thank you!! I had to practice, practice and practice some more!! It takes patience and determination and you'll get it. The french tip plated don't work too well for me, but that could just be me. Keep at it, you'll get it!! Good Luck!

    @RMC - uhmmm, it's a magic water glass, it never gets empty??? *giggles* Thanks!! I don't think I have a favorite plate - I'm just glade I got the stamp to work! :-)


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