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Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Hidden Treasure truly was untiil now!!


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Today I bring you something that has all the nailboard in a tizzy and in a running fit to find this beauty...and someone swapped it to me!!  Little ol' me - they swapped it with!!  I only had to give up a pint of blood and my right pinky - but it is soooooo worth it!! :-)  Thank you Kelly - you're the best!!

Application to me - was flawless!!  The brushes do require a learning curve if you are more comfortable with the prowide brushes of other np brands.  I did not mind these at all.  The strokes were smooth to me.  Not streaky at all.  3 coats of both colors with no problems.  As I have said many times before - I have yet to meet a np or brush that I can't work with or make chip resistant (see my manicure routine here on in the link at the top of the page).  The flakie was also very smooth to the touch.  Only one top coat was needed to complete the manicure, which was surprising.  Not bumpy or rough at all.

On with the show:

Here sits Hidden Treasure and Midnight in New York

I swatched this one first - Midnight in New York:

Now, if you have ever been to New York - from which I was born and reared until I left at the age of majority and joined the Army - I can attest to the fact the nights in New York are very dark -

But never in my 18 years there did I ever see any red shimmers in the sky unless it was the fourth of the July or planes flying yoo low!!

The red shimmer is very slight but yet very classy to me. 
Just a hint of the shimmer to make it interesting

Then I had to put on the long awaited for Hidden Treasure:

and boy did she not disappoint!! She is truly a Hidden Treasure! Look at the glow and flakies in this baby!!
Now, since I don't own any Nfu-Oh's, yet, I decided to try a Funky French first - just to see what all the fuss of a flakie was all about: 
I will admit I have asked my friends who have Nfu-Oh's what was the equivalent and I've been told that #38 is of the same quality.  Now, I personally do not have it - so I will have to take my friends word for it.

Look at the shimmer and shine in this baby!!

Now as I stated I have no Nfu-Oh's, but - I do have an equivalent:


I can hear the wheels in your brain churning saying these two are nothing alike!! 

You're assesments of the bottles would be absolutely correct - the bottles are nothing alike - BUT - on the fingers:

They are exactly alike!!

Can you tell which hand has which np on it??
Go ahead, guess!  I'll wait ---
(Jeopardy music plays quietly in the background)
Okay times up!!

Betchya didn't see THAT one coming now did ya??
I changed nothing from the first mani pic to the last.

I hear that this polish color combination also looks like GOSH Rainbow - SOOOOO, if you have the Nfu-Oh #38 and or the colorama #27 you may not need this Hidden Treasure - but as for me - I'm glad I found this little Treasure - because to me she is a dream come true and just like a genie in a bottle - you can put her on any color and she will change the dynamics 10 fold.  Thanks to my coloroma - I won't be needing a back up of the Hidden Treasure!! *whew*

I will be trying her over other colors and giving you previews as I do them.
Until then check out Body and Soul and check out all the colors she has already swatched on a nail wheel with HT - simply an awesome demonstration!  Thank Mary - great job!!

So, until next time...Happy Treasure Hunting and Nail Polishing!!


  1. wow - this is truly a beautiful polish. Your nails are gorgeous

  2. that looks so so pretty on you!

  3. @Deez Nailz - Thank you!! Yes, with the colorama I dont think I'll need a back up of HT *-*

    @Scandalous - Thank you so much!!

  4. Great comparisons!!! Both flakies are gorgeous on your nails :)

  5. Thank your RMC (me wants her ultra violet)!!

  6. How enlightening with the comparison, thank you. It looks gorgeous on you (all of them)!

  7. Thank you Lacquer Ware!! Gotta love a comparison and a bargain!! :-) HtH

  8. Those look so great on you that they are totally worth the swap! I'm so glad I got them for you and now me too!

  9. Me bows to the swapping queen and the first one on the map to have had these little babies!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!

  10. First time on your blog, read some posts, LOVE IT :-)
    The Hidden Treasure over black looks like what I hoped my Nfu-Oh nr 60 would look like, but thats much more subtle. I think I need HT, or something similar, thank you for showing me! ( my bankaccount is NOT thanking you btw )

  11. Thank YOU for looking!! I appreciate your appreciation of my little blog. My HUSBAND is not thanking me either - he's afraid I may take out a second mortgage any minute now!! Oh for the Love of Nail Polish!! :-)


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