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Saturday, April 10, 2010


Hello Fellow Followers!!

I share with you today my adventure with Miss Mary MAC - as in MAC Nail Polish!!

I went on line and low and behold there was a MAC store not even 40 miles from me - but i didn't have a car that day.  I remembered a girlfriend worked not too far from the store - so I called her - she thought I was nuts!!  So, she made the call to the store and they told her they were sold out also - her reply was 'WHAT?  It's fingernail polish!!  How do you sell out of fingernail polish that just came out??'  Needless to say she is not an MUAer.  Well, the SA said she found one more and told her she would hold it for her.  The next day my girlfriend went up there and picked up the last little bottle of BLUE INDIA!!  YES!!  I now had this beauty in  my little hands - and today she makes her debut...along with some other friends that my friend brought me.  THANK YOU GIRL - YOU KNOW WHO ARE!!  Cause that's how us DIVA's roll!!

(For swatching purposes I used a base coat 2-3 coats of np and a top coat - unless otherwise indicated)


I really have nothing negative to say about any of the applications whatsoever.  The brush strokes where smooth, application very buttery, and Blue India was the most opaque of the 5 - so that one only needed two coats.

Imprial Splendour was more of an eggplant color to me and blurring it was the only way I could capture it in it's 'Imperial Splendour"!!

Malibu Peach was the only one that I really could not capture - it turned out a little more orangey in the pictures, but it really is a beautiful springy peach/coral that I can't wait to put on my toes!! :-)

If you missed out on Blue India, I'll be doing a comp swatch for you next week to show you some other alternatives that you could still feel the bluish dusty teal gray that it is in this polish.  No dupes, though. :-(

Well, that's it for me today.  I hope you enjoyed my new friends!!  I sure did!!  Enjoy your weekend.  Enjoy this beautiful spring weather and I'll see you next time!!  Happy Polishing!!



  1. Gurl!!! I love them all on You!!!!. Just gorgeousness and blue India oh my clutches heart. I have to pull her out my untried!!!

  2. Oh, and I wish I can get my hands on Abalone Shell there all sold out...bawaaa :(

  3. Wow!!! That friend of yours is super nice! I really like them all on you...especially Abalone Shell (of course...) and Blue India. I'm ashamed to say I haven't tried my Blue India yet (still....)

  4. My Blue India story is similar! A friend got it for me because I couldn't make it to the mall.

  5. I have awarded you guys a sunshine award :)

    I walked away from a pile of blue india I am wishing I had not lol looks gorggg on you!!

  6. I want Abalone Shell! I don't usually like colors like this, but your swatches especially make me crave it.

  7. @ rmcandlelight - thank you!! I guess Abalone and Blue India must have been on the must have lists for colors this season. Why is BI still an untried?? *scratches head*

    @ KittytoKaren - thank you!! What is it with you people not trying out the hottest color of the season - next to Jade is the New Black of course!! :-) BI is a must wear and Abalone Shell was a pleasant surprise for me too!! (Pentagaon crystal city mall had them!! *wink wink*)

  8. @ Cidell - isn't having great nail polish friends the best? I was so happy to get it.

    @ HoneyhoneyNY - Thank you so much. WHAT?? Your craving a cream?? Your going to top it with a Nfu-Oh aren't you? This is such a nice color. I loved them all!!

  9. @ RebekahR - Thank You!! What's the sunshine award? You can PM me with the answer. How could you have walked away from BI?? She was LE!! Never leave a LE!! :-o You always look good in blue!! I got tight blue jeans b/c of you!!


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