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Friday, April 16, 2010

A not so Random Act of Kindess (RAOK)


 I bring to you a beauty that was my very first RAOK on the MUA Nailboard, Catrice Royal Nights!!

I had only been on the nail board about a month when I saw another nail boarder wearing this lovely and asked where did she get such a vision of beauty?  She informed me it was European only brand. But said she would see if she could find anymore since they were so popular they had sold out everywhere.

Well, about a month later she contacted me and said she couldn't find anymore and she would decant some of hers from her bottle.  I was just happy with the thought of getting such a unique nail polish, that was fine with me!!  Well, much to my surprise - she sent me a brand new bottle!!  I couldn't believe it!!

I wore her for almost a week and didn't want to take her off so I decided to throw some glittah on those puppies and wear her a few more days (hence my many days of growth there).  But I didn't care she was so pretty and we all know that glittah makes everything bettah!!

I haven't seen my np fairy on the board in quite a while - but I do know she is a busy woman and I hope she gets a chance to see her wonderful gift to me again those many many months ago!!

So, what was your best RAOK?? 
It need not be nail polish related - just share with us how someone payed it forward with you and made your day unexpectedly!!

'Til next time - Happy Polishing!!



  1. I love this color and it looks excellent on you!!! The glitta makes it all betta!! You know I want this polish don't you? :)

  2. Thank you RM!! I know you do - I think when everyone saw it they wanted it!! Maybe the nail fairy will send you some too!! :-) Glittah covers a multitude of sins!! :-)

  3. That is a FEW DAYS of growth?? Holy cow! Your nails grow like water!

  4. You have been tagged:

  5. @ cidell - yeah girl, I file once or twice a week otherwise they'd look like talons.

    @ RM - THANK YOU!! That is so sweet!!

  6. So THATS what an RAOK stands for! Awesome!

  7. Yes, Skulda! Glad a mystery was solved for you today!! :-)

  8. LOVE this color.
    I'm not getting updates through bloglines. HUM!
    Am I not on your blog list? WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!


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