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Saturday, April 17, 2010

You're in the Army Now!!


Today I bring you a color that I knew was fugly when I bought it...then why did I buy it?? you ask, it was only $1!!!  I do quite a bit of Dollar Store, Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Family Tree and Big Lots scavenger hunting when I see one of these stores.  You would be surprised at some of the great finds of discontinued or hard to find colors you will find in these stores.  Not all polish has to be high end to be a gorgeous polish, and contrary to popular belief - nail polish DOES NOT GO BAD!!  Just put a little thinner in it and your good to go.

Well, this is neither high end nor gorgeous!!  I bought it because the name and color had sentimental value to me.  Many, many, many, many years ago, I was in the Army - thus my sentimental attachment to this color:

When I joined the Army back in 19**, the Army was still wearing the Khaki green uniform - not the uniforms you see soldiers wearing today.

Yeah, the uniform was actually THIS color - so when I saw it, I bought it for sentimental value only - or so I thought.  Well, I decided to try the color on....

It's not really gold - it's a fugly green!!  But it was one of those ugly kinds of colors, that it was almost decent looking, so I wore a FULL MANI!!


I promise you - it's not gold - it's a fugly kakhi green!!  I had so many memories wearing this polish that I found myself walking a little straighter, standing taller and feeling a little younger!! :-) (okay - a lot younger)
See, it's a green - a fugly kakhi green!! 

I remembered all those years of long marches, running in the rain, crawling through the mud, firing live fire in the dark, living in tents and sometime sleeping just under the stars and not knowing when we were going to get a break to eat chow (Yes, I said chow)!!  Let's put it this way - "I" was the reason they made the movie 'Private Benjamin'.  Oh, those were the good old days!!  Those were also the days of no makeup, no fancy hair styles, no long nails and no polish!! 

I guess that's why since I'm no longer in uniform I'm wearing every and any color I want and let my nails grow as long as I want as long as I can still function.

So, what do you think - is she fugly or what??

I turned this color into Getcha Nails Did when she asked for your ugly pretties. Had this been a contest, I'm sure this color would have made the top three!!

So, what do you thinK? 
Fugly, ugly or just wth???

Thanks for taking this walk down memory lane with me - it was a blast!!

Til next time...happy polishing!!


  1. That's so funny you posted this...I just posted my pretty/ugly polish on my blog!

    I also have this one and don't think its ugly.. I actually think its pretty!! It looks very lovely on you!! :)

  2. I'm NOT going to say because I love you. :)

  3. I love Khaki fringe. I think it's pretty.

  4. I have to say I kinda love it lol

  5. Khaki Fringe is actually in my top #5 favorites!! Haha! I even bought a back up because I think it looks so great on me and goes with so much of my wardrobe. My polish choices are definitely not standard though. I don't even have a single red creme yet!
    Great post!

  6. @ RMC - you are too kind - it's fugly and you know it!! Thank You. Great minds think a like in postings and in colors!! :-)

    @ Susie you don't have to say it - I already know it is!! :-) Love ya back for all you do!!

    @ Evil Angel - Maybe it's just the memories associated with it?? Glad YOU like it!! Thanks!

    @ Rebekah - you 'kinda' like it, 'eh? Cause it's ugly in a pretty kind of way!! Thanks.

    @ April - a back-up??? a back-up??? You really DO like this color!! No Red Creme's?? You need at least 1!! Thank you for your comments.


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