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Friday, May 14, 2010



Today I bring to you some free hand freedom friday nail art!!

Now these were done before my deciding to be a blogger - so the concept of bottle picture taking had not come into play yet - but from hence forth, I will be putting the whole picture package together for you.

ChG Stroll, ???, and Gold Nail Art Striper

Okay, I'm such a bad blogger!!  I don't even remember the names of the polish I used!! *hangs head in shame*  Something tells me the bottle picture taking is more for our remembrance than the validity of the color being shown is what is on the nail.

My poor husband got tired of seeing this design - because before I invested in konad or fauxnad or Bundle Master or Chaz Delaney - this was the most nail art I knew how to do!!

So I was trying something out for the fourth of July...

He looked at if for a minute, thought about it and said - go back to the other one!! I did!!

This was my tribute to St. Patrick's Day!!  Zoya's Midori, Suvi, black nail art striper and gold nail art striper  (Oh, those horrible cuticles!!)

Well, that's it for my fun for freedom friday!!

What's your favorite form of nail art for nail art??

Until next time...happy polishing!!


  1. love doing dots, now I tried leopard once I can see a lot of leopard lol

    Stripes etc are harder
    Just got some fimo fruit..gonna try my hand at that!

    ordered my first fauxnads ..wee :-)

  2. @Rebekah - It's fun being creative with your nails and trying your hand at free hand art, time consuming - but fun none the less.

    @rmc - Thank You!!

  3. I love the nail art too. :)

  4. @Susie - Thank You!! - but it pales in comparison to your konading!!

  5. Well now that was a sweet compliment.


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