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Monday, May 10, 2010

Revlon - you smell so sweet!

Hello Fellow Followers!!

Today I bring to you three of the scented Revlon Polishes.

I do not know if these are seasonal every year or if this is something new for this season - none the less I have three, 1 was a RAOK and two were CP's.
(For swatching purposes: bc/ridgefiller/ 3 coats of np/tc - nothing expensive)

First up is
Okay - if you haven't figured it out by now I have a silly sense of humor!
BUT - if you don't have these polishes I really do wish you could smell this!!
It smells like, well, it was an orangey smell - but more like an orange fizz that had been left out overnight - very SWEET - and not necessarily in a good way.
It wasn't an aweful smell, just an awkward smell of kind of orange.
But the color -
truly is an Orange Pop!!  It was loud and subtle all at the same time.
Not neon at all but very summer ready!!
Considering the average person doesn't go around smelling their nails all day,
and this isn't a smell that is over powering like a perfume,
the smell had nothing on the long lasting orangey power this beauty has!!
Application was smooth and flawless like a orange ice cream.

Now - I smelled nothing coconutty about this baby enless you consider the sweet coconut in Almond Joy.

She too was a flawless polish.  The brush to me did not cause any problems.  It applied perfectly.

This polish does not have an irridescent reflection to it - I do believe that is the inside flash that gives it this look.  It is a perfect satiny finish that would do well for any social occasion such as a wedding, imo.
As you can see from this picture, it is more of a satin - not a frost finish.  It reminded me of the OPI Alpine Snow.  (I'll be glad when my wonky finger grows out)

...and finally
There was no Ocean Breeze fragance in this to me at all!!  If anything it smelled like sweet Blue Mountain Dew Soda left out overnight - SWEET!
I've been to many countries and walked on the sands near many an Ocean - but I have yet to smell any Ocean or Breeze for that matter that was sweet.

Now the color on the other hand is very close to the color of the Ocean blue waters of which I've seen.

This color, unlike the others pulled a little streaky with the brush - so the formula on this color was a little harder for me to be seemless, but it had no effect on the color whatsoever, except you could see the brush strokes - but I like to call it nail art of a different sort!! :-)

Now for those of you who saw the Orly Viva collection, Bailamos, that was swatched last week, your probably thinking 'aren't they dupes?' you can see here - they are not.  Very close, but not dupes.  I guess the only similarities would be that they both mimic ocean blue waters that are not as crystal clear here in my corner of the world of the Potomac.

Well, that, does it for me today.
Do you have any of the fragranced Revlon's?
If so, which ones?
What's your two cents on the scents of the polishes? (Silly humor again)

Until next time...Happy Polishing!!


  1. I scratched my screen but it didn't work. Bummer. :(


    I ove the orange on you. :)

  2. Ok I "WANTED" to scratch the screen but didn't like jellynat did. LOL.
    WOW do those manicures look great. I have one Revlon scented and love it,

  3. OMG I love the the scratch and sniff, I must admit I almost fell for it, so fun!

  4. @Rebecca - THANK YOU!! ;-)

    @RMC - Thank you - I loved the colors - the scents left something to be desired!! :-(

    @Jellynat - WHERE you scratched and sniffed was optional!! :-) Thank you so much!!

    @Susie - you know I have strange 'scents' of humor!! Thank you!!

    @JennyKay - I'm glad you didnt - you may have broken a nail on the screen!! thank you!!


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