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Monday, May 17, 2010

I've got the Blues,,,Pt. I


I hope you all had a great and fabulous weekend - I sure did!! The hubbs and I had hit so many BBQ's and retirement's and etc., all weekend long that I didn't blog because I was having too much fun with the hubbs!! :-)

Well, wouldn't you know it that it's going to be raining here in Vir-gin-i-a ALL WEEK LONG!!  WHAAAAAH!! 
Hence - I've got the blues!!

I went out and got this Fingerpaints collex as soon as it landed (I'm a sucker for collections) and I'm just now gettig around to swatching it for you all.  I dont remember the actual name of the collection, it actually has 6 colors but the name I've got the Blues - works for me!! :-)

First up:
This baby was a dream to apply and to look at!!
Look at that almost metallic look to her!! 
She really was Artistic in her application and shine!  Such a satiny finish...
...I really hated to take her off she was just so gorgeous to me!!  She truly BLUE me away!! (sad, I know!!)

Next up:
(Don't know why this label shifted) 
She truly was a dream!!
This made me Dream more than just a little!!
(I was dreaming that my wonky finger would hurry up and grow out!!)
Look at that glimmer and sheen!!  Was just a glorious application!!

Next up:
Blue it was, but blissful - not so much!! 
Application on this baby was horrific!!  It took quite a bit of patience to get to this point because I had to apply it twice before it smoothed out.
Oh - it may look like a beautiful final finish, but it truly was a work of art to get her here!!
I was very satisfied with the final result - but it took three coats - and those first two coats were really 'interesting' to say the least - but by the third coat - it was finally flawless and the clear top coat really gave it that perfect final finish!! *whew*
I will usually never give a bad review of a np but I will not lie about the application - and to me all polishes are workable - and this one really made me work - but the end result was so worth it - hence the FOUR pictures of this blue versus the three of the others!!

Tomorrow I will bring you the rest of this collection for your viewing pleasure.

So, did you get any of these blues?
What did you think of this collection?
Don't know if there are any dupes (as of yet - comps are coming)

Let me know what you think!!

Until next time...Happy Polishing!!


  1. These are HOTT love them :)

    Artistic azure looks gorgeous :)

    nails look lush as always..I am back to nubbins!

  2. Beautiful blues on you!! I only have 2 from this collection. May feature them on my next blue monday episode :)

  3. I rally like the first one...that blue is gorgeous and I'm not a big blue fan.

    ♥ SailorWifey

  4. @Rebekah - THANK YOU!! Nubbins you say? I just left your blog - nubbins they are not!! Shawties - but not nubbins!! :-)

    @RMC - THANK YOU!! Go for it - I'd love to see them on you!!

    @SailorWifey - THANK YOU!! Of course you like the blue - it's a NAVY color!! :-) (Should have used a Gold strip with it!!)

  5. I got Artistic Azure, and am wishing I got Blissfully Blue instead... Thanks for the swatches and application info!

  6. @ABP - THANK YOU!! Glad you appreciated the swatches. I'm just a sucker for collections *shrugs and looks at empty wallet*

  7. I almost ordered my first Finger Paints today on line through Sally's website and then didn't. Maybe I should have. These are real pretty.

  8. @Susie - oh you so should (enabling)!! They would look great on you and I know you would do a fantastic job konading it! :-)

  9. Thanks kiddo. :) I have two orders coming so I better not. Good Christmas idea though. :)


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