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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I've got the blues...kinda


This is the last in the series of the Spring Blue Collection from Finger Paints (FP), but not the end of my I've got the Blues Series - so stayed tuned til Friday!!

I really don't know what the name of this collection was called, so if you know or remember, please let me know!!

(For swatching purposes I used a ridgefiller, an opaque nude and a top coat)

All of these would be great for layering.  I did not want to dilute the true color of these fine polishes, so I thought my best course of action would be to use them in their natural form over a nude.  A nude base does great in hiding the VNL (Visible Nail Line) for those sheer colors!!
(taken at my kitchen window)
One thing I learned from taking such close ups is I need a shape up - yuk!!
But, besides the bad shape - look at that glimmer and shimmer and this is the Milani that is so close to if not identical to the FP Floatin' on a cloud. 

If you can only find one and not the other, I dare anyone to challenge you to say it is not a FP!! (truth be told - we nail fanatics are impressed when anyone even knows the color of their finger polish beside 'some pink I picked up at the store or the salon'!  ARRRRRG!!
(Taken in my lite box)
Since this was not under natural light you can see the nude underneath this here - but it still has a glimmer and shimmer that makes me giggle!!  This one is a sheer and will not change the color of your original np, but just adds glittah.  The only difference I found between the FP and the Milani is that the Milani was more glittery and coarser in applicaion.  The FP required three coats and the Milani only needed two.
(taken in my lite box)
This reminded me of tin foil that was crumbled up then uncrumbled.  I wouldn't call it a foil because it was still a glitter - but a little more dense than shiny.  This one may not be for layering since it is so dense.  This was a nice application - a little more on the glittery side, but a smooth application none the less. 
(taken in mu lite box)
I blurred this to show the shimmer and glitter of different colors in this one.  This color has a clear blue base that will change the color of any lighter polish.  I have worn it over a baby blue np and it turned it into a light blue - which was nice - but it does change the color once layered.  It is a jelly in my opinion - it has no bumpy feeling even with three coats of application is was still smooth once it dried - unlike the floatin' on a cloud or oh my stars.
 (taken in my lite box)
Again, I blured this to show the shimmer and it's a dual glitter.  If you looking for a multi glitter with a pink base - this is not it.  This too was also a jelly which dried smooth and when applied for layering over a lighter color will change the initial color of the np.  I liked it just as it was so I probably won't be layering this one.  It is sheer so, don't forget the nude base or you will be using multiple coats to get this look.
(taken in my lite box)
So, there you have it!!  The summer blues collection from Finger Paints.  I will say that Sapphire Shimmer and Hue left a message where next to the blue's, but I do not believe they were part of the same collection.  I do believe these were just new glittah's for the summah!!

Well, that's it for me today.

Until Next Time...Happy Polishing!!

P.S.  Even my puppy has the blues!!

"When's it gonna stop raining??"


  1. Love the glitters...they are amazing on you!!! Enjoy the rain it's bringing in May flowers :)

    Aw, give puppy a bone...I'll bet that will make him happy :)

  2. @RMC - Thank You!! I really did like these glittah's. The puppy get's plenty of bones - he's like a kid - he was bored and wanted to go out and play!! :-)

  3. Wow! great colors, I have to grab these!

  4. @NY - THANK YOU!! Yes, you should - they were fun and not at all what i was expecting from - go for it!! :-)

  5. I love the puppy pic, and I have to pic up Sapphire Shimmer now too! :)


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