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Friday, May 7, 2010

Orly ViVa means Orly Love of Life (Part II of II)

(Hello, again)

Well, as I promised I would show you some of my Spanish pottery to show you the vibrancy of color of which the spaniards definitely use to their advantage with their pottery.  I couldn't get to some of my other pieces, but these few were ones that I could reach without my DH being home or for fear of dropping it since it was already down.

Serving Platter
The sun was going down and I missed the vibrancy on this one - but this just validates the point that the Orly ViVa Collection should have had a green and yellow in it, Spain has plenty of farm and country side that is full of grass, trees and hay for which these two colors would have pulled the collection together, IMO.  But they didn't ask me!! :-)

Soap Dish
This piece validates the Coral/Peach color of Ole'

Spoon Rest - DUH!!
This piece here validates the color for La Playa - the beach

Okay I know you came to the blog for nail polish swatches - not my pottery!!
(For swatching purposes these polishes had the Orly top2bottom b/c, OPI Ridgefiller and then Orly top2bottom as t/c)

... and boy the Spanish know how to do that!!  Dinner time in Spain is very later around 9:00pm.  So once we leave La Playa (The Beach) it would be time to eat. 

Once dinner was over and the sun would begin to go down, oh around 10:30 or so, it was time for the FIESTA!!  Some would do it at home with family and friends (and lots of vino) and others would actually go out to clubs (where they played too much techno music for my taste!)

Now, this color to me, truly says FIESTA!!
This was actually a little more muted than neon, which it seems to pull in this picture - but it was a great application none the less.  The index finger is more a real life depiction of this color.

I actually wore her as a mani I liked her so much - it was only for a day - but still, I kept her on for more than just swatching purposes.

...and that's exactly what I felt like doing with this baby on!!
This one was just gorgeous and loud and frosty and satiny...just like how the latin women like to dress when going to the night clubs!!
There goes that wonky fingernail again - but hey - I'm still cute with it - wonky or not!!  Look at that color!!  WOW!!

All that kept going through my mind while wearing this was all that loud techno music they played in the clubs and the tight stretch satiny pants a lot of the women wore trying to attract the attention of a servicemember!! :-)
She was just so much fun for me to swatch - flawless application and a happy dancing color!!

Okay there was one more piece of pottery I just HAD to show you because I thought it was fun and cute.
Now the Spaniards are know for a lot of things - and olives is one of them!!
This little novelty piece here sat on every table in every restaurant you walked into.  Aceitunas - Olives
You would pick up the olives with the toothpick = Palillo
Then place the pits = Huesos in the small jar on the left!
I thought these were so cute and ingenius - no one wants to see chewed pits on a plate!!

Well, that does it for me once again, for another swatching of a collection.

Have you had the chance to get any of these colors yet?
If so, which is your favorite?

Let me know what you think - did I do this collection and the little history lesson any justice?

Till Next Time...Happy Polishing!!
Besos!! (kisses)


  1. Nice Pottery!! I love collecting dishes as well but with me antique, shabby chic, victorian style. Love both pinks they look fabulous on you!! :)

  2. @rmc - Thank you!! I am boarder line hoarder, I sware - I have sets of lots of things and with different patterns: Shoes, clothes, dishes, hats, etc!! I just like color of all types! Thanks again!!

  3. Love the serving platter. I'd like to see some pasta on it and see it in person of course. XD

  4. Thank You!! I do have the pasta bowls to match!! You are more than welcome to visit - I even make my own home made spaghettie sauce - italian style!! :-) (not so much into the home making of one's own pasta though)

  5. Bailamos indeed looks great for a party and dancing, you'll definately get the attention with that one! Great swatches!

  6. @polishes - THANK YOU!! I so had fun applying this one. I could definitely party with this on - as long as I don't have an outfit as attention grabbing!! :-)

  7. Dang it, you're making me like pinks! Stop that!

  8. @Kelly - I love it when a plan comes together!!

  9. Ooh, these are so pretty. I want! lol


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