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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I've got the Blues...Pt.II


It's still raining here!! :-(  The color blue is so befitting of my mood right now!
(All swatching was done with a bc, ridgefiller, 2 coats, tc)

This was actually swapped to me, so once I had the rest of the set I was a happy camper!!  Since I had a Sadly's Sally's coupon - getting the rest of the collection was a no brainer for me (I'm a sucker for a sale and a special!)
My mood may be blue - but nails are happy!!
The beauty of this baby was so befitting of this color that I was just mesmorized by it!!
Finger Paints really got it right this time with this collection!!
Application was flawless and perfect to me.  I loved ALL of these colors..
'Why is she holding a Milani bottle?' 

Okay, I did swatch Finger Paints Foatin' on a Cloud that was a part of this collection - but when I saw the flash of color from the glittah - I said to myself 'Self - don't you have another color similar to this?' So, I ran to my stash and lo and behold I did - A Milani, Diamond Dazzle!!  I was so excited that I had my first dupe - that I forgot to take the picture with the Finger Paints and was holding the Milani to show the glittah comps.  I know, I'm such a sad blogger!!

....then there are the one's I forgot to swatch!! :-O


Saphire Shimmer, Oh My Stars, Floating on a Cloud and Hue left a Msg?

These swatches will be made available to you for your viewing pleasure on tomorrow's post.

Until Next Time...Happy Polishing!!


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