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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I've had such a migraine!!

Please excuse my absence for the past few days - I have had such a migraine!

No, I didn't party too hard this weekend - I think it may be sinuses - and this crazy weather we are having does not help.

I am hoping to be back up to paar tomorrow, if not come hell or high water I will be posting on Thursday and Friday to announce my first give-away and reaching my first 100!!

Thank  you again for your patience - I'll be back soon!!

Turning off the lights and the computer!!

'goodnight everybody'


  1. I suffer from Migraines as well, so I know EXACTLY what you are going threw, turn the computer off and rest! We'll be here when you get back ;P

  2. I get you. I've had headaches for every day for over a month now. And it sucks even though it's not a migrane.
    Hang in there! :*

  3. you poor thing! *hands you a cold compress* feel better soon!

  4. Aww I feel your pain hunny, suffering myself atm. Hope it passes soon for you hun

    I take betablockers, topamax and immigran to control mine, its a nightmare!!

    Rest up!! xx


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