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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Interview with Kim Snyder from Overall Beauty!! Pt 1 of 2


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So, Kim – how long have you been in the beauty industry?

I have been involved with makeup most of my life. Like many small girls, my first interest began with watching my mom get ready to go to work and then getting into the makeup whenever I could get away with it. This early experimentation provided valuable lessons, such as it’s unwise to paint your whole face with green eye shadow! I have since gone on to find my own personal style as a teen with my love for makeup is still going as strong ever.

How long has Overall Beauty been in existence?

I started in 2004 with three products, I started off with Magic Lash Eyelash Enhancer (best seller 6 years straight!), Toma mood changing nail polish (no longer available) and Black Magic Mascara. I start off with an idea to offer a place where small beauty brands could offer their products without having to meet large wholesale minimum orders. In fact, many of the handcrafted products are not made until you order the item so that it will be fresh and at full potency when it arrives. In addition to offering my own mineral makeup line, Overall Beauty Minerals Pure Mineral Makeup which includes eye shadow, blushes and foundations, I also offers BB Couture nail polish, natural/organic skincare, bath and body products, makeup brushes and gift products from an array of small manufacturers.

What brought you to the world of beauty?

I was in a car accident in 2004 that pretty much stopped me from doing the job that I had at that time. I was a caregiver for the elderly. It was that experience that had shown me the almost magical power of makeup to restore confidence and make you “feel like a lady.” A little makeup or just getting your hair washed and curled meant more than anything to many of the women I took care of. They would ask that lipstick be applied for them because their hands shook or that she or I would help them with their hair. Once they had been made up, they transformed before my eyes, filling with poise and simple joy.

Where did you get the name Overall Beauty?

The name came about because I wanted a name for a business that would cover pretty much everything I would offer in beauty products. I was really surprised that the domain name was available at the time.

Is this a family business?
I pretty much do everything, but my husband is at times not a so quiet partner.

How have you managed to stay on top amongst so many competitors?
When I was younger I was food and cocktail waitress in Las Vegas, where I learned the “customer-first” attitude that made sure my tips were always generous. I took those very valuable lessons in giving customer service to try and be a step above and beyond any web site. I take the time to answers questions within a day and give my personal attention to every order. And it shows with every order I receive. It’s my belief in the concept of going out of your way to provide a superior shopping experience for every customer that I feel has helped to grow consistently every year. I try to treat everyone like you are my newest best friend and I’m here to help you in any way I can. I also visit and order from other beauty sites to see what they do or don’t do and try to do better.

Where do you get your inspiration and color schemes from?

I help BB Couture by sending her nail wheel of swatches of colors with notes like, you know this green if it had more gold it in, it would be an amazing color!! Or send her a picture of something that I think has a really cool color. That was how Balboa Beach Bunny came about. It was a cell phone bag I had made with this super cool shade of purple. That bottle of polish put in major travel time till I decided it was right. The Hot Rod Collection came about because my sister who is a graphic artist in Las Vegas asked a simple question : why wasn’t there any colors of muscle cars from the 50’s? So she send over tons of photos of old 50’s muscle cars to show the colors. Once the colors were created for The Hot Rod Collection we all send BB Couture lists of names we thought we work for the colors created. My favorite from that collection is Little Deuce Coupe which happens to be the very first yellow to be offered by BB Couture. She is always open to ideas for colors.

Well, that ends part I of a II part interview!!

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