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Thursday, May 20, 2010

I've got the Blues Pt4/5


Today I bring you my first full comparison post...this is at the request of Jackie S.  So, word to the wise - if you have a question, ask it and I will do my best to get it answered and swatched for you!!

These were the original culprits for reviewing.
I knew they weren't all gog to be dupes, but some where still untried as of yet, so this gave me a perfect opportunity to open the bottles and at least swatch them - even if it was only on one finger! :-)

(For swatching purposes all polishes applied with bc/ridgefiller/tc)

This is for you Jackie...
(this was in my kitchen window)
Well, as you can see - they are very, very close - but not exactly dupes.
(Under Ott Lite)
La Playa, IMO pulls a little burple, whereas, Dead Calm truly is a calm deep blue - not dusty at all.

Then I swatched the other blues I pulled out...
... as you can see Mount Royal was the step child of the whole bunch!
MR was a little darker than what I could capture here and it was a dusty - it almost dried matte - so this one really did need a tc for a shine.

Then I saw Denim Dash looked similar to the other two that were left...
...and boy was I right!!  I banged my finger chasing the dog and so I just painted over that one with the dings.  Anywho - as you can see these three, to me, are very dupabale!!  If you have one, I realy don't think you would need all three - but if you REALLY love metallic blues - then you need all three!! :-)
So, Jackie, had it not been for you - this comp never would have taken place!!

Stay tuned tomorrow to see how Sally Hansen and I BLUE IT!!  :-)
...and because of this comp I now have serious smurfette fingers - but that's okay - because I'll soak and scrub and scrub and soak and they'll be white again in no time!!  See my manicure routine in the above page link to see how I do it.

Well, that does it for me today.

Until next time...happy polishing!!


  1. I love royal type blues. These are all beautiful!! :)

  2. @rmc - THANK YOU! These are really nice one's.

    @NY - GO FOR IT!! :-)

  3. Awesome Post! Thanks! I have been working on comparison post this weekend, to post this week. I love seeing how close some colors are, it makes shopping easier. :):) But of course I still ned La Playa :P


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