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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Orly VIVA means Orly Love of Life!!! (Part I of II)

(That's all you get out of me for my spanish today!!)

So, as I stated earlier in the week I went hauling and came back with some goodies.  Well, yesterday's RBL's were waiting for me in the mail the same day I came home with these pretties and a few others for which I will be showcasing in the next couple of weeks.
Now I picked up this collection not even knowing the name of it - I just saw something new at my Sadly's, I mean Sally's and grabbed them quick because my store only get's one display of every new collection and when it's gone - it's gone!  Well if it was going to be gone, it was going to be leaving with me!

Well, in reviewing this collection it took me back a few years to one my husband's duty stations - Rota, Spain!!  That was one of my times over seas besides Germany.  (I know you're all wondering why the hell is she rambling on about a duty station in Spain?)  Well, this collection is a Spanish collection with inspired spanish colors.  For anyone who has been to Spain will truly appreciate and understand these colors. (I'll have some spanish pottery pics for you tomorrow)

La Playa means The Beach
Now as in many European and Latino countries - a large part of their day is spent on the beach and the waters are as clear and as blue as this!! 

Many Spaniards, and I can only speak on Spain, leave straight from work, go home, change into their bathing suits and hit the beach for hours on end - and as I'm sure some of you know - their beaches are topless.  It takes a strong person to acclimate themselves to such a culture shock if you plan on enjoying the country - because it stays hot there 8 out of 12 months of the year.  Needless to say I was not one for going topless - I've given birth and breast fed three times - these babies are not pretty in public w/o some type of support!!  :-) 

But this nail polish - now that's a difference story - the only topless they'll be doing is without a topcoat!!
I showed this picture at this angle because it was the only angle for which I could truly capture the true blue that this is.  Blues, purples and greens are very hard to capture irl color - this was the best and the closest I could get.
Here I took her outside - no beach - but it's the next best thing - there is a pool!! :-)
Oh look at the shine on that baby!!  Now,  this collection does come with a miniature top 2 bottom tc/bc.  I personally am not fond of these kind of treatments, but for swatching purposes - I thought it was great!!  I only put it on th last two fingers - the first two fingers are just the shine of the np!!
This blue is the prettiest blue/purple I think I have worn to date.  I didn't say that I had - I said that I've worn.  I have so many untrieds that I really can't give a true comp suggestion?  Do you have any suggestions?

Ole' means Hooray!!
Now this is a phrase that is used quite a bit at bull fights - yes, I went to the bull fights!!  Not going to one would be like going to New York and not going by to the Rescue Beauty Lounge Boutique!!  Yes, it's that big of a deal! 

Ole' is said when the Matador does something performance worthy to outsmart the bull.  Now I will say this - as in-humane as bull fighting is - it is also a philanthrapic sport.  Even though the bull does die in the end, the meat is sold to the local butcher to be dissimanted to the less priviledged in the village to feed the hungry.
...and truly this color is an OLE'!! (No bulls were harmed in the review of this nail polish color)
As much as I tried - I could not capture the true color of this beauty.  She is truly a summer color for Pedi's and Mani's alike.  She is actually a coral peach, if that makes any sense, not orange as it shines here.  The pinky and ring finger are closer to the actual coloring.
The index finger on here shows a more accurate color which is gorgeous - but the orange that it captures is still pretty too.  We've had so much sun lately, I've been taking advantage of it so as not to use my light box.
Here the pinky seems to showing more of a peachy coral instead of the orange.
And here she is in the shade.  She really shown orange here - but as you can see by the bottle it is not orange.  So, as much as I tried, I could not do this color any justice - but it was gorgeous none the less.

Application on both of these colors were smooth as butter and slid on like satin and silk!!  I had no application problems whatsoever.

So, that ends our little short history lesson La Playa and Ole' from Spain.
Tomorrow's lesson will be on Balamos and Fiesta.

  Where these two colors justified?

Let me know what you think?

Until next time - Happy Polishing!!



  1. I say Olé to this post. Loved reading it.

    And I'm a European, I'm no mommy yet, but I don't go topless even when I'm in Spain, my girls are shy :-P

  2. WOW, those are "beautiful". LOVE them,

  3. omg I am so jealous!!! You have them already and they look AMAZING on you!!!!

  4. @Polishsis - Thank you!! My girls aren't shy - I was just too afraid of them dragging through the sand!! :-) Come back tomorrow and bring a friend!!

    @Susie - Thank you, susie. You are so kind!! Bring a friend with you when you come back tomorrow.

    @RMC - Thank you, DIVA!!

    @Scandelous - Thank you!! Don't be jealous - hunt down you Sally's - they may have some left. Bring a friend for the final review tomorrow.

    @NY - Thank you!! Isn't it though? They were all so gorgeous to me - NOT PASTEL!! Bring a friend with you tomorrow for part two!

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  6. Wow! I wonder how Playa compares to RBL "Dead Calm"? These are beautiful colors on your nails.

  7. @Jackie - ya know, per your request I will do a comp just for you!! Stay tuned - it will show up next week. Thanks for stopping by!!


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